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Chris maxwell is the rhode island trucking association excited rodrigue dan chris hay uh i need a surprise at the hearing is uh uh uh thursday after thanksgiving the gesture is seen flagged black friday go shopping to go head to the to the plays it's the tuesday before right it's a beautiful day before he reversed to 21 personally yup came out down in hopkins told night will that's yes how 'bout that i thought you know in the middle of the day all right here we go let's that's progress um so be done hopkinton will be there where people want to be able to go down there isn't any comment on i would imagine they'll narrowly tailored these these things to you the impact of the ghanchi's they are not necessarily litigating good works program bagged couch take care trees the impact to those specific areas uh you know and again we when we talk about environmental assessments were not just talking about you know the environmental as we know with you know streams and and and you know wildlife and we're talking about the overall impact the diversion how the how it's going to impact league reducing of seconds is how it's going to chain cost to a community uh all those things you go look at the end this case they've they've identified these two areas hill road and i believe mechanics uh uh uh so essentially what the epa is what's happened always nail they've been even on your show they've been shouting that they have approvals when in fact they haven't had a powell's going back several months they had a man standing uh we have uh very deliberate in washington with federal highway uh asking them to kind of cracked out on uh dot to make them more transparent which we finally now have that transparency all the big this is is is that the epa simply means they just approved for cut public comments raw hey it's it doesn't mean let's despite notion that this is a move seen it was approved for public comment and this process now we go to the public and then ththe highway will digest idols named joe back and forth and that's why you have you have them now backing off and into into perhaps even.

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