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They perceive as liberalization. I'm not really aware of anything directly analogous to the warm christmas myth in the religions. But if anyone in the audience has examples out be fascinated to hear them. What do you think is the best way for secularists. Sanfer mainstream christians themselves. Who are not interested in in this myth to respond to such stories to an extent. There is a legitimate question of whether we need to address it We could simply say as a bizarre seasonal tradition Whose cultural relevance mike well Wax wayne There all people are just looking for the smallest thing. They can use to spin into the warm christmas narrative on. We don't need to be mentoring that by looking for every example of that to expose at but the dark underside and the way that this persecution fantasy is used to advance claims a religious privilege is something that we should address. And i think the warm christmas and addressing that can be quite a use the way of forty days used example of it can be a way to address a fake news claims by exploring it in schools. I think a couple of different ways that we can challenge this mess. The first approach. Which i see a lot on online is humor You can point out the absurd to these claims and satirize them the second approach would be akin to something but i think the psychologist philip perrier's code facts tennis when you relentlessly address. The facts claims you drill into the evidence you point out step by step The reality behind the stories but both approaches can work in some ways but be very ineffective in others so huma is is obviously a very powerful tool but if we understand that the warm christmas is about christian anxieties. Some christians exhaust start losing that dominant culture position. Then we can see that may being the butt of the joke isn't the best way to reach those people and similarly logic and facts when divorce from empathy and understanding a not very effective at changing people's minds so if you engage in fact tennis of batting back every example with the facts about that that cannot just hall and people's positions but because people bought into this idea of the warm christmas emotional level even if you successfully demonstrate that one example isn't true they might just feel on this got to be something there and maybe only examples of if i look into them in detail Some of the. I'm sure there's got to be something Shifts in the narrative is important and getting people to think critically serov than simply going in with facts or sent me going and making fun out of someone in a if you see some sharing this a warm christmas math Off questions say have you personally seen someone told offer saying. Merry christmas. oh you sit. You seem offended. This company has decided to a very secular christmas. Why do you think they made advertising choice. Why do you think the newspaper chose to frame that story in that way. Cetera et cetera. And that plays into the media literacy. I was talking about earlier. Is it possible simply to to ignore those who suggest there is a war on christmas on the grounds that a very small minority and ultimately most people just didn't care yes and we can see christmas as actually a great sector success story and that narrative could be an advantage was why volume into a bitter divisive narrative. Doesn't that really go against the spirit of christmas. Talking of the spirit of christmas in a non narrowly christian sense of course these days in the uk and many other western societies the winter holiday season as we've already discussed features. Numerous different festival celebrated by people who come from different cultural religious backgrounds. Know we've got hanukkah. We've got devoutly on sometimes depending on the we've got enough or adult at given this huge diversity in our society today is there. An advantage may be to just generally wishing people happy holidays or season's greetings on the basis that these wishes a more inclusive or is it still ok to say. Merry christmas. i think happy holidays or season's greetings might strike some radishes Wore americanisms I think that the vast majority of britons of of any faithful non actually do pretty fine job of muzzling fruit. These cultural issues on nations decreasing would just say and increasing. Diversity is a massive cultural change and that change can causing zion in some people that change can lead in some cases to their nausea manifestations but equally that change is just absorbed by people in their lives and if we can break down results official barriers and ignore those who want to enforce them. Then you can wish your friends. You're happy hannukah. Eat mubarak to volley wishes or christmas. And no one's really began to mind all of the above exactly honest election. Thank you very much and looking forward to december for me different at the national secular society. Merry christmas.

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