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On the morning of november nineteenth nineteen eighty eight and hayward california bay area. A young girl named trina is getting super excited. It is the first day of thanksgiving break. And she's hoping that she'll get to hang out with her best friend in the whole world michaela joy garrett the nine years old. They're in fourth grade and they've been feeling open. We're like grown-ups lately. Because every once in a while they're allowed to go to the grocery store alone without their parents having only been allowed to do this since the summer. But it's like a big deal. Yeah i mean. I remember like what when we were in fourth grade ever being able to nineteen ninety nine. Sure sure but if i hear clips everywhere but being like walk to a friend's house or a neighbor's house by yourself is like oh we're thinking ahead and now the independent fell amazing. So trina calls michaela after breakfast hoping that since its break. It's a nice day. Michaela's mom sharon will let michaela go with her to the rainbow market. Which is on mission boulevard. It's less than like a quarter of a mile from the kayla's house and sure enough. Sharon says yes since michaela lives right around the corner. She comes over with five dollars from her mom so they can go by whatever they want all that freedom. According to diana walsh's piece in the san francisco examiner they decided to take scooters to the market so troas brother lens his scooter michaela while trina rights hers and the girls head off they get to the store and they leave their scooters while they go in and buy some treats like sodas candy beef jerky not only vacation. Breakfast of champions. But i'm pretty sure that's all we eight when we were. I'm pretty shocked. All we ate growing up we lived. Beef jerky true. Trina and michaela head out of the store with their food and they're kind of like laughing talking getting caught up in just like hanging out with their best friend on this break and they're so caught up that they realize they're walking and totally forgot about their scooters so when they remember they like go back to get them and michaela's scooter is in there right where she left it. There's trina trainers but no michaela's now neither one of them wanna go back and explain to us. Brother that the scooter mikhael borrowed is missing or stolen. So the girls decide to split up and look for someone must have taken it. Someone must have moved it. Hopefully it's still around nearby. So trina goes one way. Michaela goes the other and shortly after they split. This is like ten fifteen in the morning at this quaint. Trina here something that makes her heart to rock. She hears her best friend screaming. Trina looks up and she's frozen with fear as she watches a strange man. Grab a still screaming. Michaela around her waist toss her in the back seat of a car and speed off down mission boulevard heading south towards union city. Trina runs into the rainbow market and tells one of the cashiers. What happened and the cashier calls nine. One one right away and local law enforcement mobilized to try and find michaela now luckily for them. The woman who calls nine one one four. Trina says that she saw the man who grabbed michaela drive by earlier in the day and as soon as police arrive at the market. She's able to give them a description. She says the man was white. He was in his thirties with this big mustache and she said he was driving. Maybe this like burgundy colored har. She can't say anything about a maker a model now minnesota terrible right. I mean it's a starting point. But as i was researching i found. Another description of the suspect dated november. Twenty just the day. After michaela's abduction this description from walt gibbs piece in the san francisco examiner says that the suspect is younger. Twenty and twenty eight years old tall and skinny with pimples face and dirty blond hair now this piece goes on to say that police believed the man has a mustache but the article mentions that michaela's mom sharon isn't so sure that that's true at all. Why not article doesn't say according to the mercury news. Though i guess for the first couple of days police had gone with the first description of the suspect the one. He's older with the mustache. Okay but i guess. I don't even understand how there's that much confusion this early on in this case. Which description is right. We'll from what i can tell. Police believe that the one this correct is actually the second one. That guy with blond hair pimples. Face from what i can tell. They went with the first one from the market clerk until they interview. Trina and somehow through her interview. They realized that the woman from the rainbow market was actually describing the wrong person and apparently they found that it couldn't have been that man who kidnapped michaela. No nothing in my research says when exactly this conversation happens or why police wait a couple of days before talking to her but once they do they feel like they're really able to nail down that second description the more accurate description and revise telling the public so they say there's no mustache. The man's skin problems go beyond. Just a few pimples. Actually they say. He's got like noticeably bad. Acne that's been described. Almost like boils on his face with pockmarks and scars so using this new description from trina. They put together a composite. Sketch and here. I am going to send this to you. And if you want to kind of give the listeners. A little bit of a description so the sketch has of like you said younger male. He has kind of a longish face. You can definitely see a few like like you. Said like pimples or pockmarks or acne scars. I mean it's just a pencil drawing in a newspaper. From what i hear you. So it's hard to determine what's like shading and what's copy you know debris in what's actually in the drying but he has this kind of long stringy looking blonde hair right so if the polices first description of the suspect was wrong. Then what about the car yes. The car description is actually wrong to. It's not burgundy. They say that the car that they really want to be looking for is either like tan or beige or gold like somewhere in that color family which is completely different than burgundy completely which again. I don't think people miss saw things. I think they're looking at two completely different people in completely different cars right right. Would they are able to say though about the car is that it's an older four door sedan. That looks pretty. Beat up but again just like the burgundy car no one knows with the make or model might be despite losing valuable time looking for the wrong suspect in the wrong car. The first couple of days of the investigation aren't a total loss and by sunday. Night michaela's family and a small army of volunteers managed to hand out over fifty thousand missing person fliers with her picture on them in and around the bay area. The sbi joins in on the investigation sometime over the weekend and together with local law enforcement. They do multiple aerial searches with planes and helicopters looking for any sign of michaela police and the fbi even spend the next week checking out local mechanic shops and scrap yards all over hayward looking for that car thinking maybe somebody like ditched it or again it was like old maybe broke down the interview tons of potential witnesses. All over michaela's neighborhood. We're talking adults kids. Everybody and law enforcement also questions registered sex offenders nearby. Which just as a note we actually have this new show coming out called dark arenas where. Delia has gone an interview..

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