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And he immediately was so gracious you know he a lot of people don't like tommy lasorda olympic baseball fans because he's such a a hometown guy you don't like the hometown like casey stangl you don't want to people but i just it's true i guess what i'm saying is he he would have been this with anybody i'm i'm pretty convinced of this he was very angry said i'm very sorry to hear that and you know he's to tell me much daddy he took time like i think if you're a public personality like that you you you should i think it goes a long way toward enduring you to your fans into the people with all your team and it certainly doesn't hurt your own personal reputation and i'm sure the management the restaurant alleged so what's the point of the stories what the point you've heard this story before his m each time i'm not sure what the point is returns it i'm just saying that the dodgers just one and they're going to the world series okay they won the national league pentothal all fully did win right on tv tonight i'd sorry i didn't see that's you know they just beat the cubs and we'll of course if these hearings on friday and because of that that thing happening and they're taking a group picture out on the field wrigley sticking their tongues out and we're in their uh fly the la pennant shirts but anyway because of that i thought i'd bring up the story of of meetings on tunnels sort of there at the restaurant i think that's very classy thing and he was a very magneto certain he was he was called it was something we could talk about for fewer boy i don't know days weeks years later worldfamous phil emery show here it is a freddie uh as you you've as you know you're listening to this on a friday and were recording the thursay so thursday night so we're just looking at the dodgers capturing their first.

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