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Start closing an hour. From now in parts of Kentucky and Indiana on a busy midterm election day across America out. Here are saying that they've never seen it get this busy at a polling location. Mike Tobin in Greenwood, Indiana, home of a Senate race considered very close in large part because the candidates are not that dissimilar you've got Mike Brown, the Republican challenger of businessman campaigns, as an outsider he's very much in sync with President Trump, but Senator Joe Donnelly, the incumbent campaigns as quite the moderate also very much in sync with President Trump much of the time. But it's interesting talking with people as they're leaving this polling location. They say that it's not really about Bronner Donnelly to them it's about whether they're going to send President Trump more support in the Senate early voting and already broken records in some states nationwide. More than thirty million ballots cast before today. Democrats trying to win back control of congress. They would need to pick up twenty three seats in the house and a net gain of two in the Senate election security, getting more attention publicly this time around FOX's John decker live at the White House. Homeland security secretary cures to Nielsen says so far DHS has no indication of compromise to America's election infrastructure that would prevent voting or change the vote count. The election security is national security free and fair. Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and protecting our nation's critical infrastructure against foreign adversaries is a top priority. Olsen confirm that Facebook has pulled down one hundred fifteen Facebook and Instagram accounts, suspected of ties to foreign entities and said that DHS's aware of a consistent effort to launch a foreign influence campaign to sway American voters. Lisa. Thanks, john. Also some tight races for state offices today. Thirty six states. Are picking governors..

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