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In WBEZ why I'm robin young is here and now after the two mass shootings in el Paso and Dayton some groups like guns down America are calling on Walmart in particular stop selling guns after twenty two people were killed at that hugely popular store in el Paso Walmart is one of the largest sellers of guns and ammunition in the world for more let's bring in our legal she MSNBC anchor in economics correspondent an alley we know that Walmart stop selling assault style rifles and twenty fifteen and then after the shooting in twenty eighteen park in Florida they raise the age of purchase of guns to twenty one some he was a Republican legislators are calling for that now so what is Walmart's selling what Walmart's doesn't sell what show called assault rifles right it's not a technical term but it's been really a gun a long gun that is typically not used for hunting it's automatic or semi automatic it is not like a rifle or shotgun now Walmart does still sell rifles and things for hunting it also still sells guns for what you call self defense guns that you can carry on you so it's just this particular category of gun which tend to be used in most of these mass shootings at Walmart is not selling and also not telling the people under the age of twenty one well how is it doing because some are pointing out the gun sales aren't a high margin business for Walmart down right to the problem is if you were never in the gun selling business this wouldn't be an issue right if your sporting goods store that wasn't Dixon didn't already sell guns and then digs decided not to this wouldn't be an issue the problem is that Walmart sells and so now it's a political position after two thousand fifteen to have said that it wasn't going to do it and that is upset some people with Walmart but fundamentally if you were to make a decision about what to keep in your store because you want to make more money guns aren't selling as fast and guns are not as good a margin as toys and things for instance yeah but it did it so now it becomes maybe not just a business to its decision but an impression during the when they do this and study show Republicans typically like Walmart better than Democrats do but Democrats impression of Walmart has been inching up in the past few years people study this kind of thing yes so if your Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and you're looking at the horizon you've lives I just said you have some report Republican lawmakers for the first time calling for things like expanded background checks raising the age of concealed you have the NRA in a kind of a of an organizational that's right now yes maybe you seize the moment this could be an opportunity look Walmart is not a company that likes to take on something called corporate policy virtue signalling could just they are really big Walmart's he's more Americans than any government agency does that anybody else does in a week that is you know they they try to be as apolitical as possible the reason it's it's more favorite amongst Republicans is largely where these walmarts are right they tend to be in rural areas not in city areas increasingly they're showing up in cities which is why more urban so buyers are seeing Walmart but fundamentally Walmart is never going to be at the front of something if they can avoid being at the front of something that feels political but you're right in so far as rather than saying we're gonna ban all gun sales they're going to start to reduce the floor space that's dedicated to them that might be an opportunity that Walmart has right now and we will see a of an Emmitt MSNBC anchor and correspondent and email Walmart also has to be really.

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