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In large measure salvador is a fair man he is a man of the right but he gives a fair ban and we entered into an alliance in we signed this and we said we're going for a participatory democracy because representative democracy is a betrayal it represents betrayal of the people who need to be involved in referendums and in popular consultations we consider him to be an advanced and progressive man needs not not a socialist but he is a progressive man and that's why he was our candidate and that's why we won the election the people were able to pick up on his message trason salaya the significance of the police refusing killing police the curfew in force the curfew for precedent hernandez labou rule there was a mutiny of the cobra group which this special commando group whom rebellion and that then spread to all of the civilian police there was like twenty four hours of rebellion logically these are disciplined where the bodies now you knew that have their esprit de corps had they defend their own integrity at the end of the day but it sends to messages to the national moment silent on that's u r rules governing poorly we want clean elections we we want the winter to be recognized as the winner we don't wanna positions we're not going to accept it positions are we're not going to obey the president when he orders as a brazilian your to conceal only moments lash out against the people they are sisters and brothers can nepal.

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