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Do not create an attorney client relationship for legal advice. Call the great people at the Orlando Law Groups office 407 512 43 94. I'm Not Gonna What's Jennifer Anglert is with me. Jennifer. We only have a couple of minutes left here in the show. Is there anything that you want to make Sure you touch on before. Of course, we say goodbye for another week. Yes, you If you're doing the easy form, you have to say that you're going to make under $50,000 a year profit for the first year, So that's something really important. I don't want people to be off on the rock. Thinking the wrong thing, And it also takes about five or six months to get the longer foreign takes up to a year, sometimes even more, especially now, So you are a non profit and you've got a big idea about doing a fundraiser. You've got to kind of plan ahead for that stuff, too. And you can't just say I'm going to start a fundraiser and then have it and expect to be able to give people the tax deductible letters. So I think the big thing about everything we talked about today is is plan ahead. Don't expect that you're going to say you know what? I'm just going to wait till the last minute and do this and then be able to have my business or have my fictitious name or any of that stuff? Um, a lot of times. People think about that for a really long time, Then they get really excited and want to do it the next day. And then they call us and they're sad because we can't make it happen. So I'm planning ahead is a really important thing in any of these things. Yeah, I always make sure that you do that. And of course, if you need help, if you need an attorney, it does make the process more streamlined in Jennifer Angler even said she can try to help you find some ways to save some money through it as well. You can call the great people at the Orlando Law Groups office at 4075124394. That's 475124394 is where you can. Finally Orlando Group or at the Orlando law group dot com. Jennifer was great talking to you this week as it is always. I know you've got goat yoga scheduled in the next couple of weeks. I've got to get mine down on the calendar, too. But of course I'll talk to you next week. Perfect. We'll just bring your wife with that just sets up. Well, let me text her that would that would actually work. How about that? You guys take her? That should have been that should be moved Now. There we go. I think that'll work. Alright, I'll have my people call your people and we'll get it lined up. Perfect. Perfect. Thank you. Alright. Always good to talk with Jennifer Angler, Of course, Make sure you can get in touch with a great people at the Orlando Law Group for 75124394. That's 47512 43.

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