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She lives in Seattle. She loves jazz jazz standards, like fats Waller, and I did a story about her in two thousand twelve because at that time she was still performing twice a week at vito's in Seattle at ninety five six hundred ninety two years old helped me with them. But I got an Email yesterday from ruby bishops great granddaughter, and she told me that ruby now has dementia and she's living in assisted living, and they just moved her in. So they're selling your house, and they need to have an estate sale and all the money that goes from the estate sale is going to help with her care. So I wanna play you part of my feature that I played when this came out so you can get an idea of ruby. And then I'll tell you the details of how you can support the family coming two years. Have you been working in playing piano and singing I can't count that for a long time really Bishop is one of the few remaining Seattle jazz legends. She grew up on a farm in eastern Washington. And was the first African American baby. Born in Thurston county, and she was born with long piano, playing fingers and a bug to perform this is when I was six years old as making a lot of money say and dancing. There's would come down all kinds of money from the grandstands and more than eighty years later. She's still performs at vetoes on Seattle's first hell week. I work Saturdays and Sundays and love every minute of it. Gosh, it's fun and her friend and protege. Larry Napp says it's always something to see some performers perform for people that ruby connects with the people. Connects if people are enjoying her the songs just roll out of her because she really does feed off the audience. Don't you think I watched? Ruby grew up playing music and eventually started school at the university of Washington. Let me take music in college. She wanted me to be a pharmacist. And I didn't like any of the science. I wanted to play music, and so I took off and never looked back because I didn't want to be a pharmacist married one. But I didn't want to be one. And then she started to meet some of the great. So I started studying.

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