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Incidences of any kind of positive engagement that he has with other inmates whether it's tutoring or a teaching or coaching and definitely staying out of trouble you know what's amazing it truly is amazing how he was able to stay out of trouble with that temper a guy who was the temper where he snaps and nearly get did decapitates his ex wife the the mother of his children tipped him he was he was acquitted of those no he was acquitted on the criminal charges was acquitted of those churches to buy but it i somebody to have that kind of temper am and and be able to hold it together for nine years in a very trying facility with a lot of lunatics around that is remarkable although that facility apparently he had a pretty good run of luck he was a star there you signing autographs otter at pictures worth even some of the garbage damage still i think prison over nine years all know is not a good deal your by by the way tim here's a guy who cheated going to prison elia and he did everything but sign the crime scene and blood and then he stupid enough to end the back in prison because he does some other ridiculous thing with a gun when where where the temper comes back into play yeah i think he got a lot of years i mean there are a lot of guys the did the same thing that didn't and a new nine to thirty three at nine thirty three it was a make good for sure what the perot boy wants to see is that you've been rehabilitated only thougiang's simpson not guilty of the crime of murder it was more than twenty years ago that a jury acquitted o j in the killings of his wife whose post hearing i know the very it with the uh the jury latif or thougiang's.

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