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Holland free pickup some people think yourself you got unloaded yourself or they do it at the destination name in i don't blame you i'm going to sit in the air conditioning yellowstone you finish tell me what's up about harrison gambling and so forth i think new orleans and louisiana dropped the ball on time trying to louise that talked about the mississippi beat us to it and i think they did it better yeah because oh come on dominic tell you what i'm gonna take a break i'm put you on hold i want to hear what you have to say and everybody else who had a lot of calls that dropped off but two six zero one eight seventy d think that the ride to mississippi enhances the gambling experience especially if you do go gambling or is it a a deterrent where it's like not not driving a mississippi i'm going gambling here from the beginning i always thought it enhanced it because it was like a day that you got for your forty dollars you gotta go through guei gulfport wherever you go on and go on and see the beach and the gulf and all that stuff to six zero one eight seventy and should the state make this deal with harris or is there some kind of chicanery afoot it show tune thursday here wwl we go to break with from hello dolly ain't get nothing pass me we'll be back wwl good day getting started tommy tucker on wwl the news talk and sports leader now that the supreme court has made sports gambling legal across the country will pete rose's lifetime mlb ban be lifted should he be enshrined in cooperstown talk about it on sports talk starting at four with bob aaron christian gear then lsu baseball takes on auburn pregame five thirty first pitch six pm here on wwl.

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