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Under way today in Beaver Creek KO a World Cup corresponding Chris Anthony talk to ski racer Travis could not about its who says he still becoming I forget grace we gotta make lease last week at the tent the down home talking see Rudy so fired up to be here in Beaver Creek and and conditions are great this year the trains little difference pretty wild action is a bunch of little jumps and rollers in places we haven't seen him that's going to be a good show us can't wait to duration down there and see guys the finish because names and skiing competing this weekend Ted Ligety looking for his first podium and what could be his last Olympic cycle hill race in the giant slalom in Beaver Creek on Sunday in makayla Schifrin racing at lake Louise as she's coming offers set point sixty second World Cup victory last weekend she's amazing yeah extremely talented we love her Hey coming up where awaiting some new jobs numbers will have those with Pat and the nuggets with a nice win last night those stories in about five minutes it is time five thirty more sales in the clean up stages that would be north bound I. twenty five record Santa Fe it's actually on the ramp from Santa Fe on an order like twenty five I southbound eighty five you've got a question Henderson at that said a hundred and fourth best wanted out good news for your eighty five drive thru Platteville I got one lane open northbound after that train derailment a couple days ago are you could run into some fog this morning up on the north side of the world Kelly are making your way up past of fort Collins Greeley out toward fort Morgan on Easter blades also that could become an issue but right now constructions but pretty much all picked up we have still pretty light traffic not a lot of problems we're looking good this report is sponsored by Denver trial lawyers are catastrophic injury expert Dever trial lawyers are catastrophic injury experts are committed to winning and fight for the success of.

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