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He signed onto being LAPD double agent. Basically that was that was the end of his freedoms now back to the altar and all that I did find a book called spiritualism or SPIRITISM BY G H S. Two books are you follow. ESTA Brooks Yeah I'm sorry to tell you that. ESTA Brooks in. My research is one of those guys even middle of mind control. He's like Sidney gottlieb kind of character. He's like the Louis Jolyon west of UCLA who did Mind Control Control Experiments. You know the CIA gave huge amounts of money. The Not only to you know what you would think be. You know typical prisons prisons but also to universities you know to journalists William F. Buckley was on the CIA payroll Eric. So you get a sense of how insidious their influence was back. Then the unabomber. If I recall was part of the experiments show me say. I've heard that as well home so so I guess you get A sense of Reagan and of course Nixon being president and their sense of militarism and paranoia toward what was considered to be a possible revolution. And I don't think we'll ever see it's like again in. US history for literally. Yeah yeah literally I was just GonNa say Eric People like Reagan and younger and Richard. Nixon believed there was going to be a military attempt at overthrowing the US government which I think is absurd. Well they were being. There was a a lot of people who are feeding that stuff too. It's like I couldn't help but think of parallels with Colin Westbrook and how he was sort of running you know donald freeze but then. There's some speculation about Krishna. VENTA being influence on Charles Manson and all of these guys had this running theme of well. Okay I'm it's hard to get my thoughts together but I found it very interesting that you were talking about the worries of I guess you say Black Revolution and they were emulating the situation with the SLA. But Charles Manson was emulating that situation or his family's emulating that situation as well in the opposite one of the things I talk about on the Etro tour a bus tour of Manson land God bless Richard and Kim because they have introduced me to people in the La Sheriff's department and the it once again it's the Black Panthers it turns out that there's an angle by which Manson's since followers especially the quote unquote girls were trading dynamite found in abandoned gold mines in California uh with Black Panthers And in exchange the girls brought back to Manson's group guns and one day the Black Panthers there's greeted Manson's girls with the dynamite and said thank you. Now get the hell Outta here or before we kill you. And that was the end the relationship so the L. L. A. P. D. and the La Sheriff's both could have arrested while they did arrest Charles Manson and his followers initially and then let them out and then the infamous murders happen they could have kept them in jail and basically my research reveals through. You know Richard in Kim helping me that the LAPD and and the sheriff's Department thought that there was going to be an a violent engagement between Charles Manson's followers and the Black Panthers and they left them out. They're hoping for that engagement. So that they could sweep up and arrest any black panthers so so there's a similarity in terms of the theme of we'll do anything to break up the Black Panthers enters Between revolutions and and of course the Manson murders and would it be fair speculation. I've always kind of felt that Charles Manson himself was nowhere near as dynamic or fantastic as as billing. Well if you're talking about as music music Eric I would tend to agree with you. I think it's pretty bland Charles Manson again. I like because I've I started writing in writing feeder when I write a non fiction book I want the protagonist no matter how negative to be three dimensional. Sure and and without apologizing Charles Manson. You've got to remember that. His mother was a prostitute never knew his father he was raped in jail and within the reformatories and he was not a normal guy before he got out of his teams. I agree so one thing he learned was how to manipulate violate young women to to tell them they were beautiful. He learned from Dale Carnegie. He actually worked for a while for scientology. What was wild he were you got cut off? Yeah he was he was a guy who worked for scientology in Hollywood. And we're and we're trying to recruit people and that didn't work out so well my good friend Paul Krassner who we lost. Not Too long ago had done a lot of really great articles about the SLA in about Manson found out that Manson was let go by scientologist because he was a a little creepy but he wanted the reason he studied. Eric is he wanted to learn how to manipulate the the women that would basically become his family and again without going. Too far down the rabbit hole. The Manson land tour talks about the fact that he watching completely in control of the family. Exactly why Tex Watson and Linda Kosabe Ian were running drug deals without his is knowing it Tex Watson introduced Charles Manson to Sharon Tate. We wasn't a random murder so if you take week if you take Quentin Tarantino's amusing movie and you take Tom O'Neill's chaos book which is twenty years of here. All all the people I met and I still don't know what happened. And you set all that aside and say this guy was a lunatic who manipulated people. And he was burning people on drug deals and the people in his family got out of control and and killed people without his authorization nation. You have a better understanding of what Manson was about. And if you look into then Bouli. OC who wrote helter skelter which sold a couple million copies sir. You understand that. He was accused of prosecutorial misconduct. Because he he was trying to use Susan Atkins as a star witness. And the man tonight said you testify against Charleen. You're in big trouble. So all of a sudden she was unreliable liable and Buluwayo say was stuck with Linda Ca Sabin and he said you know. Put your hair up in pigtails and look innocent. Well forget the fact that you were one of the biggest LSD dealers in Boston will forget the fact that you and Tex Watson were burning people in drug deals in Los Angeles Angeles and you will testify that Charles Manson ordered the murders. And if you do that we will give you immunity. And if you don't do that you you will never see the light of day again. This pretty common honestly it's unique to The Manson family. I mean they're always trying to flip somebody sure but in essence they're flipping. Linda Kosabe Ian to lie so so actually Bouli. OC is also Guilty of of Leaking stuff to the press which could have created a mistrial and Charles Manson could've walked and and part of all of this. I guess the best way to wrap this part up part of all this is that they had a legitimate fear the LA DA's office and that fear was if Charles Manson was ripping off people with drugs and Tex Watson and Bobby Beausoleil went crazy in drug burns and killed somebody in a panic. Charles Charles Manson is an accessory and in one thousand nine hundred seventy and accessory to murder could get eighteen months. Can you imagine what the world interest in the Manson murders. What would have happened if the La da even if they got convictions actions against the others? If Charles Manson only got eighteen months they had to lie and say that he ordered the murders nothing. He's a good guy and then it should have walked free but there was no way in hell and again it's ever younger. Are Powell who worked with Ronald Reagan and the SLA Soleil was ever younger. Who basically went to Buoy Osi? Who was two years in the? DA's office went around the DA. who was in charge? WHO said? Hey it's just a bunch of drug burns and and younger realized that Bouli Osi was saying not only. Could it turn our reputation if Manson gets accessory but it will make our reputation in our careers if we say. He's the Spin Golly who hypnotize people to murder rap thing. They're just a bunch of burnout to screwed up in drug burns. And that my friend is the inside nine-story of the Manson murders. Since truthfully nobody would really care if it wasn't for Sharon tate same way nobody really care about the SLA without Patty. Hearst this is this is very true which is a kind of a sad comment because when you when you think about you know what the LAPD in the CIA a were doing. It's terrible it. It's a horrible history and people should know more about this stuff but again people perceive it as radical politics and it doesn't sell and so forth and so on ask you about that a little bit because you you know admittedly elise year I guess Somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders. We're looking at practical guy. I know that when Elizabeth Warren says I I want Medicare for all that she's making a huge tactical error the politician because to not recognize. That's how powerful the health industry and big Pharma is in. This country is to just be naive. Like they're the things that you and I want in World Eric and then there are things that are possible given the system. You can't boil the ocean now. That's not where I was going where I was going to sit. I I look at you know a lot of stuff. There happened there in. It's obviously from the laugh. Door would be perceived as left. But they're also have been some Bruce Miss Justices or you know real questions about things going to the right and you know a lot of people say that Waco way out of hand and there are there. Instances like that because Waco kind of generated forget the other one ruby rich sorry Ruby Ridge route in college by most as terror waivers and they were hard core right winging borderline Nazis. I I know of that but I'm kind end of wondering if this is not a government. That's anti laughed. Maybe it's just it's a government that's anti anti-government does that make sense it. It's kind of. I'm curious because I've been on Shows we're the host is far right but what they appreciate about. My research is that I'm saying look at what these agencies have done in the name of justice and the law so you it's kind of you all of a sudden there's a middle middle ground shirt now of course if I talked about you know forgiving college debt. They go get off my show. But you know there's this interesting middle ground on of of people who do not trust the government and of course you know if Congress is at sixteen percent and you know. Donald Trump's impeached reached obviously. There's a huge movement in this country. Rejecting trust in government. The question is how do you change the system to make it better. there's so many things that prevent that lobbying You know campaign finance reform. you know citizens united there. There are so many things that enabled this system that a lot of people say. Hey lobbying thing is a form of graft it's a it's a an industry paying someone in order to look at the bills that they wants. Shouldn't it on the floor of Congress. Well that doesn't sound very very democratic to me. But that's the way our country operates so wild well DI radical but then you say okay..

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