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We put out there trying to put out the best we can. And I think we do pretty good job. But I can say from my perspective, the people that I've talked to that have been here. It's always a good experience. It's always a I love that place. I need to get back there versus sometimes when you talk about other places. Oh, yeah. I went there wasn't that. Great. You know, I've never heard that from people that have been here. So you would tell if you actually did I would maybe not on the air. But I would tell you. Everybody. I talk to you just doesn't like this place. Beer, tastes like hose. Waters. If somebody would make a hose water beer, actually on purpose. I would drink at all the I love I love that hose. Water flavor. It's still one. It's the one off labor that does not bother me when. That final offers. I can. Don't be. Hose water. Yeah. I think somebody who had the hose water VA. I don't care. Shame whoever had to name. Shame a few people. But though, I have never had that. Thank you very much and he can name shame whoever wants, but it's not named shame and middle. Of it, actually, tastes you never had it because I. No, no. I have heard an actually tasted. So that were around at which I think have corrected their mistakes. But you gotta watch even putting some of that stuff out. I mean, if you know, it's not right. Don't I mean, the bad press that you get off? Now, there's a fine line. I can understand the desperation, especially as a new brewery to try to sell everything to keep things moving and not. Yeah. Not pour something down the drain. I can understand that. Right. But there has to be a tie point wetter. Does post. Hey, we did the unthinkable today. Yeah. This batch did not match our standard. And we dumped it. To a point. You know, if they're doing that like once every two or three months, then that's a red flag up. But if it's that's that's a good thing. You know, they're they're showing that they're you know, that their quality control is is actually something meaningful, and they can realize that they have a problem with it. And they they another thing is they have to worry about how to fix it. It's one thing. They know you have a problem with it, you gotta figure out why it did that. And that's that's knowing your equipment and that only comes with time. I don't care who you have. And what what system they're on? There. You have to have some time that you you warm up to it. And then, you know, all the ins and outs of what you're dealing with. So it would be the same now for anybody that you get from home brewing, do even come up to a one or two barrel system. They have to know their I probably five years would be completely different. If you try. Try to make the same one. So I mean, that's part of it. It's learning how to deal with bigger volumes and all of that. So that was a learning curve that we went through. And I'm glad to say, I hope we're past at that. But yeah, we're we're we're having a lot of fun with it. I just hope that everybody understands it's not just the monetary in you can everybody knows that when you become Abreu. You're you're making seven figures, and your, you know, just don't have to worry about those anymore..

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