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So happy. He went from a one week suspension to a six month suspension. I'm like, amplify Phil only because he's sense of good article. Oh, he was actually I know Jonathan's been on probation since Jonathan. I haven't I haven't done muted since. Well, George W. Was president when like the last time I answered, and that was from American Idol chat. Yes, yeah. Oh, by the way, no Phil Jones. I have to give him credit guys. There's a faux Jason account. There is a fake guide of this guy. I am going to sue. I am not Jason Matheson, one That is a fake account. That person took my profile photo and made a fake account. I don't know why I have a crappy account. Why you trying to fall away while trying to copy me? I'm not creating anything. Anyway, I have the tweets creative, at least or so I guys I Mr Jason Matheson, not Jason Matheson, one 6 50 is the tic tac Tic tac selling sunset. On Netflix, Jill's Erin told us to watch Phil Jones told us to watch. Hannah farce our digital Our social media maven told us to watch. You know she's obsessed. Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah, Jeff, my executive producer here. He's obsessed. And ah I watched it last night. Alexis watched it last night. How did you get in? Jace Bee Gees? How deep is my love? I'm on Episode three And if the convention wasn't starting, I would have watched it all night. Because how dare all of you I hate all of you. I just every single person that told me to watch the show I curse you all. I hope you get attack. Believe today. I hope I hope mosquitoes bite you today because I'm I'm now obsessed. Now I want to watch more general. Same thing. Then I'm in and I'm watching. I'm hate watching this right, But then they bring up all these relatable things, And I think that's what happened in the 3rd 1st 3 shows like what can we put in here? OK, two of them used to date. Now he's hosting an engagement party for her and his Her new beau. Oh, and one of them is pregnant. And one of the other girls find out first and tells all the other ones. Whip sees the engagement ring. It's not really Is that okay? What kind of hair they're going to get from the other girls. Oh, you're with a much younger man. What's that? Like? Oh, the new girls grow many things. Oh, yeah. You have the new girl trope. You have the You have the entry point. If you're a new person, because they have that story line of the new person that comes into a business and everyone can relate to that We've all been new person at some point in our life. How dare you? How dare you do this to us? I don't need another show didn't need more. But we're in and toyou it. It does feel a little real housewives and it feels a little bit well, you know, with the real estate, that's really it's cool to see the real estate, too. They do a good job of highlighting match with all the other drama. You know of the company, and it's nice that they hang out and I'm sure that they do that for the show. What do you think of the owners? Because they are behind the ruins their twins? Yeah. Yeah, because my talkers if you don't know it is about this really estate agency owned by these twins. They're very mean, you know, really hear a lot from them in these first few episodes. Maybe that changes but it's really about the women that they that are on their women. So they're them dudes. They all look like they've been carved out of low fat cream cheese, You know, beautiful there. There's the stall. They looked like they came from central casting. You know, they're they're just gorgeous. And yes, I was wonder. Is this really you know, and I find the twins kind of weird. Just because they pop in once in a while. They're very odd, either they have a more prominent role, or maybe they're I don't know something about them just feels off. Well, I've got to tell you, Teo, the villain in this, Christine Yes, I hate her. But I can't stop watching her. I I hater. Colin was like immediately. I can't stand this woman. Do you like her? In the beginning, I felt the same way. She's growing on me a little bit. She had kind of a a soft, tender moments with the new girl who's actually who's married. Tio Hartley. What's his first name? Oh, my gosh, from this is us. One of one of the triplets in the show s O. Justin Justin Hartley. And so You know that? I think that she's kind of enamored by that fact that she you know, was married to a celebrity, but I think Christine has grown on me a little bit more. As we go along, and you have to make her a little bit lovable, and I went into her high school days and how she felt and you know that type of wound. Did you not feel okay? She was bullied and okay, you know, I get it. I think she has a heart of gold. I think, but I think he's blunt and You know, kind of prop. Probably brash, and you know that too. The thing but not hater. I don't know what I'm not going to like is Davina. She's the one that seems to be meddling in other people's, You know, kind of the middleman to Seo. She said this about you and she said this about you even hate myself for even getting involved in this, But here we are. Here we are. We're talking selling sunset. Everyone told me to watch. I've watched and now I love it Now when we come back when we come back,.

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