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It's a fake they posted a message to their Facebook page urging people to stop sharing that fake a coupon and do you normally drop a little bit of money into those red kettles every winter well if you're out of cash this time you can do it electronically the salvation army announced you can make donations to the salvation army red kettles using apple pay or Google play the candles will start popping up in our area on November fifteenth your ABC six first warning weather cloudy skies today we'll see hide your twenty nine currently it's twenty six degrees I'm Alison Wyant our next report coming up at four nation at all on the job newsradio six WZVN all new with ray Romano you really do talk about your family a lot my wife tell crying a bag of money but it's a big it's a big challenge to the three on A. B. C. for then at five city workers getting paid to dig through trash cans flying car parts human feces the news for I team taking you for a day on the job what these detectives are hunting for and why it's costing your neighbors hundreds of thousands and fines tonight on news forty five to protecting the house Ehlers Stallings focused team of attorneys take on a comprehensive approach to nursing home navigation so if you have any questions about navigating long term care for a loved one call your local team of attorneys completely focused on elder care law call attorneys with answers just dial eight four four eight seven eight seventy eight forty nine now with offices in Dublin Hannah Delaware in Newark why do I get my flu shot at giant eagle pharmacy every year because up to one in five people will suffer with the flu this season and staying healthy is very important because I'm not just a wife or mom I'm also a giant eagle pharmacy cares for you and our community count on your neighborhood giant eagle pharmacy we shop five dollars in free grows giant eagle pharmacy your trusted pharmacy for over thirty years certain restrictions apply the pharmacy for details Columbus do you know how much you're paying for your natural gas there's a good chance it's too.

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