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Mean you know. Yeah, thank you. And if a showing him, I hope hope that I hope he really is reassured also. Yeah, we're everywhere we work. I asses off here. Let's see any shows that, that, that shows what will be in there. But those who are interested, also, Chris American werewolf was Rick baker's show. Not STAN Winston. Oh, yeah. What did you think it was? I said, STAN bakery, Baker was, he got a lot of clout from work for a lot of tension for working all American in London. Okay. Okay. And you were. Thank you recommend. Yeah, Rick Baker. I think he did thinking, Michael Jackson also thriller. Well, make sense. John Lynch, John lettuce. Yeah. Baker's. He's done a lot of ships. Nice. Let me see there's a hard to fund video out there. And I have a DVD, of course on DVD's anymore because I don't even have a DVD player. But it it's very underground. And it shows video that Rick Baker may when he was sixteen years old. Wow. Yeah. It is. It's a home that passion. Yeah we'll see some of rubber hit. Okay rubber head right here. Guess what? It's time for Robert head volume to remember one. Fuck wardrobes got more. It's really got everything. It's frightening. Big troll. Chime cultured us to so many projects species species to the village m night. Chamaleon Cadman hat. Unfortunately, no volume of would be complete without the ones that got away section because we always getting fired or another company awarded that contract or the moving, it's Joe Dante's, the Jetsons, we were gonna mazing stuff on that Phil. That's cool. Never knew about that one stones can make sense. They wanna do jets true. Yes, they have some concept art here. Fucking melted. Histories a good one. Tim Burton superman lives. Dive deep into that one. Richard Stanley should see what we did Clive Barker had a money project in the works. Jesus, chris. Can you imagine man? We worked on for ever firemen to guess contract got, dammit, not us on series. I actually feel like it's my responsibility to document the glory days of makeup effects in the early eighties nineties, but how else are the kids, the future generations, make affects people what was really like to be working in the trenches back when rubber? Actually a twenty page graphic novel, honest to God graphic Basel. Me as a superhero, finding the good fight for practical, if I talked to that's really cool. Personality. He really is. He's like Thomas Vini. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Tom of any was such affects I know about. Yemen on those a totally different subject from what we're talking about. But that is amazing because. Talk about this all the time, like I grew up with shows it took you behind the scenes a special effects magazines those in a match ups in a magic man. We didn't hear hanging out one day talking about this. This magazine cost magic which actually it was nothing. But about the behind the scenes special effects in the back of it. They will always you, anybody could order talk costs, a lot of money sometime. Anybody could order like latex. And when you call it. The models are we call it, the, the molds, you could buy molding stuff? Okay. But the armature for stop motion, four computers took over. Yeah, I remember you could buy is and teeth like that. Yeah, it was cool man. Yeah. Hope we can talk to this guy because she's really nice. That is very funny. Yeah. That'd be great interview that, that is that, that is my thing you're talking about my day up, special effects and. Looking for movies. Tell him betrothal China urge you over there. This is the last question. Go from Whistler the one that John you. It's all on you whistling. Hey, coy. This is actually for the Sunday service, and we were doing it. I'll keep this short. I was listening to the radio and there was a story about comic book writer, Chuck Dixon in summary, has been writing all right, comics, and most recently, though, he said, oh, alt-right comics..

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