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Humphry David, Courtney, David Crosby discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


And i draw myself and so can you and this was my that is well the movie little pink house and humphry david's newest soun sky trails vailable now on all digital audio platforms and amazon book marcus and click on through according moorhead balch david crosby in the studio good to see guys we'll talk about little pink houses we'll talk about music i think i was in a movie the courtney produced his well although i didn't i didn't know you produced it yeah can we take a joke i believe it i believe it was so you've been at this for while how did you get connected with david and how'd you get connected with the project well the author of the book little pink house which the film is based on has known david for a while and i didn't know that when i'm wasn't we were putting the music together for the film he mentioned i know david crosby and i said what and he said that how did that happen and he said i'll talk to him about writing a song for the movie and he said why would he do that we can't we don't have the capacity for legendary musician to be involved in this project and i was really shocked when jeff bennett came back and said he already ransom lyrics and he and so i i met david at a.

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Humphry David, Courtney, David Crosby discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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