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Lead you into the ball yard and see that now starting ed your uh number seventy two who who seventy two now look the scale of that you play because as you get paid to do you play because that's what you love the do fans come out and they still want to see the guys play he will not a terrible season you still want to see guys play last night i was into that could have been into a more addicted dodgers and giants were battling of course but it though fun to watch bumgarner go out there and deal wasn't it don't you want to see that every fifth day don't you want to see him go out there and battle every van pitch no one of the best in the game i would hope he wanted to see him especially now that you've seen him like four times you like okay is healthy he could play we're good to go goes really if you want to get down to at once you're out of it just sit everybody put a mom bubble rap and be good to go and just be done with it put aguirre quick now go ahead get your hair you do it tremendous uh i go ahead if it yet shouldn't or the biggest wave between urged lastplace game yup 1962 giants one with a record a one of three and fix it too uh the plate them extra empty could play out that year and that was the first year to new york mix when they went a sh early lordy and one twenty you're right i have that one right in front of me gary brian pointed out former that wasn't the biggest brad but it was one two three four five that was seventh wow yeah well i mean it take it away when i think modern baseball that's probably the all sixty and a half the one you mentioned the methods probably it brondby me one the boston dubs sixty five and a half games back and 19 on nine forty five and one away good night what a miserable season are what okay this is non mile ko you're kidding me i'll get to that next though he got to be kidding me that's modern base while the non modern is like this absurd kootenai season they did whether he there must of went through.

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