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Or go to come in clever dot com this is michio kaku i wanna talk with you about evolution it's actually a board game yes it's a brand new board game that you can play with your family and it's called evolution the beginning a few months ago i played for the first time i must say i was a little bit hesitant at first i wanted to make sure the game was not complicated dear old old dad must be able to play the game with the kids so i learned about the goal of the game and it turns out to be very simple eat as much food as possible to eat the food each player takes turns creating and evolving their very own species there's hundreds of ways to evolve your species and the fun part is it's up to you evolution the beginning is based on on science your species must adapt and change in order to be competitive just like in life the goal of evolution is to be the fittest evolution the beginning is only at target stores look for it in the game section it has a big dinosaur on the box it's science without feeling like science and that's the fun it's all at target stores evolution the beginning as a business owner or ceo for that matter are you frustrated with the money you're wasting on advertising how do i know it's being wasted because you see your advertising as an expense i started my company because i was tired of seeing passionate business owners waste advertising dollars so what if i could show you how to make your advertising a profit center in thirty days guaranteed i know what you're thinking that's bull then challenge me at no cost to you i'll show you how to make your advertising a profit center not an expense if this is important to you call me i'm dan glaviano if you spend ten thousand to eighty thousand dollars a month on advertising dan will show.

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