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I'm fascinated by it. Totally and i kind of thought. It was rather unlikely. However i did actually find evidence of a land bridge still visible today. It's called adam's bridge also known as rama's bridge it's a limestone ridge just shy of fifty kilometers long thirty miles long. It's off the southeast coast of tamil nadu. India connects down to the north west coast shrank. And of course satellite picture of it here for you. If you had shown this to me without explaining to me. I definitely would have thought this is a human made. Bridge is incredibly thin. Tiny thread of land connecting. When i'm guessing is indian top sri lanka on the yeah so it's only One meter below the surface apparently is reportedly was possible on foot until the fifteenth century when storms kind of deepened. the channel. Okay made of limestone. So i was like well. That's pretty cool. So a land bridge physically could be a thing right. Apparently there's this one unlike. This is wicked. However i didn't find any evidence for the mona scale of that sketch right or because the earth contracted like shriveled. Appalachian 'cause here. The mechanism of the land bridge formation is what i'm hung up on here however in the eighteen hundreds. This is the idea that everyone is on board with this idea of huge landmasses. Our continent's being where they've always been but being connected by land bridges that then sonko was submerged it quickly spread. It became the go-to theory to explain those puzzles of the plants. And the fossils. So everybody's on the land bridge hype train and they're buying into this idea that all of the continents are where they are and always have been fixed in place just connected by land bridges. It's sort of submerge and reemerge over time but that's not what i was shot in school. That's not the geology that i learned. I never learned about land bridges. I don't know if this is what you were up. I was taught that in the beginning. All the continents election like schmo together into one big tectonic plate cookie. Thank god like over time. Yeah yeah yeah. So we were told and this is the kind of prevailing wisdom right now. Yeah the truth. I'm saying more about that. The continents unfixed the continents moved sliding around. And that is actually i did. Our lone genius is about to come along and suggests we're about to get. We're finally going to meet him flying in the face of of the current wisdom of languages but his idea is ignored for fifty years in favor of land story of him. Being ignored is really the way it went down which we can look into after the break. More and more americans are making the switch to electric vehicles. And if you have one you should know about electrify america. I don't know about you. 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Yeah that's shakespeare from one of his unpublished 'em published works which be not for awakening may give the berries for fifteen minutes. Could save you fifteen percent or more. No it's from geico. Because they help save people money. Well i hate to break it to you but geico got it from shakespeare gyco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Welcome back to you surprising. Brilliant and the story of a big idea that rewrote our understanding of what goes on below our feet. And it's time to introduce the main protagonist of our story. Alfred vega born in germany in eighteen eighty hours has a brother kurt who he gets up to all sorts of things with as a kid. Alfred is top of his class. He goes on to study physics meteorology and strong me at three universities. Berlin heidelberg innsbruck right. We're gonna join him in nineteen ten. He's teaching at the university of marburg in germany. I left star. We to this end but i just know marburg virus was discovered. Oh hello borne virus. you continue. sorry. I'm to have to scott over a lot of alfred's amazing adventures. Such as him. And his brother pioneering the use of weather balloons for how to do surveys. Who in fact they set a record for the longest continuous balloon flight and then it was in nineteen ninety six and swing and love to get into but it takes away from our main story a bill. Sorry alfred expeditions to greenland now. My gosh this is so cool. I love all the side stories that we get to go on with this gas. The i is nice. No six semio's bloom flights. He builds the first weather station in greenland and he becomes the first scientists used kites and tethered weather balloons to study the polar atmosphere super cool very cool but yes we're gonna join him in nineteen ten When he's lecturing on all subjects that he's into meteorology applied astronomy cosmic physics couple. He's clearly really good at picking up new and complex topics and then explaining them in simple ways. in fact. here's something a physics professor at marburg hands burned off wrote about him. With what is he found his way through the most complicated work of theoreticians with what feeling for the important point. he would often after a long pause for reflection. Say i believe such and such and most times. He was right as we would establish several days later after rigorous analysis and one thing he starts doing just that with is this theory of land. Bridges all sunken continents does too critical things. One is a kind of synthesis of the geological literature which includes the paleo climate evidence the stranded graphic evidence and the pill into logical evidence. And he says we know we need some kind of theory to explain this but the existing theory of sunken continents cannot work. I'm going to go into why he thinks it doesn't. I mean if you're interested in this checkout sauce to see fennoscandia and uplift great words. What is important though is what he suggests. We should replace the theory of sun. Constance and land bridges with it all starts in nineteen ten days. He had a school atlas of into his hands and they started discovering this possibility that the african american coastlines match very well so he's literally putting the puzzle pieces together like he's matching coastlines like jigsaw puzzle. Yeah i know. I'm not sure if you've full this before. Probably as a kid right that the shape of the east coast of south america seems to fit really.

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