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Waffle House, Executive, Micheals Brooke discussed on The Bitter Southerner Podcast


A waffle and Mike is photos and words became the Muslim widely. Read Story of Twenty nineteen for us so popular in fact that in December we wound up turning it into a real book the cons you can spread out on your lab now. You could stop right here by that book and be done with it but I think the job of this podcast is to dive into how and fly waffle house became such a plush. Those are the stories that you won't find in Micheals Brooke but you will find him here right after this break. This is a bitter shiner podcast from Georgia Public Broadcasting Teaching Com- back at the one term. We want you to know when you come in each day with a big yellow sign. Stand so tall that we're going to give you the best that we've got goes we're going to give it all. I welcome back to the bitter southern. Podcast we're talking on this episode about Waffle House now. The first thing you need to know about waffle house is that it is run very differently than your typical big corporation and I do know a thing or two about big corporations because in the middle part of my career. I wrote stuff quite a lot of them. Waffle houses management structure top to bottom is completely uncommon every executive in the management of those little diners. All the way up to executive. Vp's people you would expect to have grand offices and headquarters. None of those people even has an office every single meeting all their business. It's done inside a waffle house. Somewhere as the customers. Eat THEIR MEALS AROUND THEM. And the company just generally looks at the world differently..

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