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There's a patent leather beadle but don't want me hold him a why not in the beatles they actually squeak doing here with week theorem i'm not going to touch you act europe's week and the reason these squeak they live in rotting logs and they end their babies eat rotting wood but the baby's mouths really small so they can't choose the rotting wood up through the mother and father chew up the rotting wood and squeak through their babies to come and eat so they take care of their babies so there one of the few beatles in the world and actually takes care of their babies in their cool in these live in illinois so this is another local insect okay and thesethese you have to go to southern illinois defined these don't live this far north okay but i am proper all going to stick to the knocking the milky and these don't bite either you on holden allow okay now let's put him away the last creepy crawly let's secre plus but also the coolest okay so have you ever seen a scorpion no let me get my i've got landholding so there he is that's called desert perry score as i can move there is a desert harry scorpion and they live in arizona oh scorpion do something kinda cool what you think you really don't dan if i saw shine this on the scorpion it flows under black later ultraviolet light so in that cool and all scorpions do that and even after scorpions of die keep they continue to go world.

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