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Sports, Mike Reiss. Good morning. I think the warriors reminding people that they're the defending champs. So if you wanna take your best shot, you better be ready. This. Gets took one on the chin lost to the warriors one forty to one eleven at Pepsi center. Golden State came out blazing set an NBA record by scoring fifty one points in the first quarter, fifty one points and a quarter is. Mind-boggling? I just can't wrap my head around that number, but we don't have that level yet. We're trying to find find to see if we have that level championship teams little, and obviously we are aspiring to be that type of a team nuggets. Head coach, Mike Malone. The warriors shot seventy five percent from the floor in the first quarter and hit ten three pointers head coach Steve Kerr figured our guys would be excited to play. You know, we lost last time we were here. And this team is the head of us in the standings. And you know, we got a chance to catch him tonight. So I was hoping our guys who'd be excited, but you never know. But they came in focused and ready to roll, obviously. Yeah. No doubt about it. Steph curry Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson combined for eighty nine points. The warriors leapfrog the nuggets in the first place in the Western Conference nuggets trail by a half game. And they host Chicago tomorrow night. The Broncos have defensive coordinator at Donatello returns to the team for his third stint with the Broncos he'll do what he has done. In for a number of years now, and that's work with Vic Fangio now. The Broncos head coach Broncos also interviewed forty Niners quarterbacks. Coach Rick skin guerrilla for the offense coordinator job. Matt barrows is with the bay area and told our sister station, orange and blue seven sixty this guerilla was well versed in Kyle Shanahan's offense. And that's game worked pretty well. Even though the forty Niners lost story starting quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo to a knee injury. Essentially a spare parts offense this year. We had undrafted guy quarterback. They ended on traffic guy back they had undrafted receivers. And yet it was still a very effective offense for the most part. All season. And I think the league has taken notice if that we'll see scan Carello gets to make the move to Denver. The avalanche wraps up its five game Canadian road trip tonight in Ottawa as coming off the six three win in Toronto Monday night, they'll go against their old friend, Matt Duchenne this evening. Puck drops at five baseball no decision yet. From either of the two biggest free agents on the market Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, but Bob Nightingale of USA today thinks Philly could be the big winner last night. Nightingale tweeted, quote, the Phillies will have Bryce Harper or Manny Machado or possibly both in uniform on opening day end quote, holy cow. That would be interesting should be a fun month plus leading up to the start of spring training..

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