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Thirty seven degrees mostly cloudy skies right now in Boston at eleven o'clock good morning I'm Nicole Davis and here's what happened any minute now president trump expected to address the nation from the White House responding to yesterday's missile attack by Iran against US military bases in Iraq military officials say twelve missiles were fired in all and officials say there were no American or Iraqi casualties in those strikes strikes coming down as retaliation for the death of a running in general Qassem Soleimani president trump last night huddling with his national security advisers late into the evening at the White House after those missiles fell tweeting after the fact all is well today the British prime minister condemning what he calls the reckless and dangerous attacks by the Iranians Boris Johnson calling for urgent de escalation by both Washington and Tehran although the Turkish and Russian leaders issuing joint statements today saying the further use of force will quote lead to a new cycle of instability and eventually damage everyone's interests again we're waiting right now on the White House president trump expected to come out in minutes to speak about this and the next steps for the United States of course when that coverage begins we'll bring it to you live right here on WBZ newsradio stay with us meantime Ukrainian passenger jet crashed in Iran shortly after taking off from Tehran last night killing all one hundred seventy six people aboard this was a Boeing seven thirty seven eight hundred plane and CBS's transportation correspondent Chris van Cleve says it happened hours after Ron carried out those missile strikers have reportedly found the black boxes but Iran it will not give Boeing access to them the Boeing seven thirty seven eight hundred generally has a strong safety record this morning Boeing calls the crash a tragic event saying our heartfelt thoughts are with the crew passengers and their families normally Boeing cafe and NTSB would assist with a crash investigation but given the tensions with Iran this will not be a normal investigation and commercial commercial airlines have been re routing flights crossing the Middle East trying to avoid escalating tensions between Iran and the United States Australian carrier Qantas now says it's altering its London to Perth routes to avoid air space until further notice Malaysia and Singapore Airlines also saying they'll avoid Iranian airspace due to the situation and here in the United States the FAA barring American piloting carriers now from flying in parts of the Persian Gulf and Iraq and Iranian airspace again it's eleven OO to we're waiting on president trump to address the nation after those are running in air strikes last night twelve missiles fired in all into Iraq as soon as the president begins to speak will bring it to you right here on WBZ radio stay with us police in Ottawa Canada say at least one person is dead after shooting there this morning talking about a mile away from the Canadian parliament building in an apartment complex there this is calling this a quote targeted shooting no word on a motive but they say they're still searching for a suspect three other people brought to the hospital with serious right a check of the roads now traffic and weather together super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is Kevin what's up they're older the expressway north bound to have the breaking by crash now the breakdown lane here before granted Avenue to get some company here getting by the pots at St and then after that not too bad all the way up to the o'neill tunnel southbound little busy coming down through Savin hill just had that HOV lane truck come up beyond seven hill you're good down to Braintree three twenty four ninety five all wide open looking pretty good out to the west on the mass pike as well as for ninety five downtown was to though to ninety east bound gets reduced speeds to these right lane guard rail repair crews before one ninety downtown Boston looking good although that lever down ramp a little slow getting down toward star drive stroke drive west bound watch out for those right lane cruise by the B. U. bridge Kevin breading WBZ's traffic on.

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