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Your mind in moving forward now you've developed the trust in a guy that is like man shoot i can really trust in it it literally blossomed from there listen aaron will let go the football and he doesn't do this with a receivers aaron let's go the football and giorgis not open they always said the reason that tom work with moss brady and didn't work with joe is he trusted moss because he had this great sense that moss was such a football maven that he trusted randy knew the game so well that he could let go the ball and he and in he and moss instinctively knew what tom do he never felt that without show who is gifted past his private gifted to your point aaron doesn't aaron doesn't like picks no doesn't just let go the ball no he trusts that jordy is going to make a play or nobody can make that play in which is why we saw so much firework between the two of them in like moving onto to the raiders if if this does pan out you you know know it it benefits their car to have jordy nelson in house it benefits amari cooper to have him in your unit in your room jon gruden has always every time he covered the packers in his time in the booth rant and rave about jordy nelson i just love this kid he he understands how jordi thinks and he it's more than just what he does on the field you in that i see there's more to knows way more.

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