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Wow. Breaking news. Why you didn't Gina was moving at wait. Wow. I should. Probably a little bit more research. Becky with the college admissions, lease smokes. And I'm sure she'll be punished. Or not. She boy rod Brooks plan solo. So that means Rod's solo is in the house, but I will not travel on this intergalactic sports. Journey on my own looking forward to talking to Matt maiocco. Can't be our Niners insider, he is a good follow on Twitter at Miyoko NBC s and obviously Matt maiocco longtime reporter, very good stuff. He does whether it's in prince or on on television. Good work. He does for NBC sports bay area. Obviously free agency. It's pumping is happening. We're getting a free agency and a little bit of draft stuff as as well, Scott. Bayer who covers the raiders for NBC sports bay area. We'll talk to Scott, obviously about the raiders making money moves in free agency until you know, Brown that necessarily free agency thing, but you get Antonio Brown Trent Brown, lamarcus Joyner levian bell. To the raiders have the. The fortitude to pull that off. I'll tell you. What raiders do that? You've got some cooking. That will be interesting is that is exactly what Jon Gruden was aiming to do when he signed that tenure hundred million dollar contract last year. Didn't mean anything last year was about getting guys out, and and and stockpile it picks and getting the the the ability to make this team in his image, right or wrong for the move to Vegas. That's what it was about. And that Khalil match rate. Listen, it's still a bad deal. Visit absolute bad deal should not have done that. But you can tell from that point. I mean, really even before that, you know, the way the Jon Gruden was speaking about Khalil Mack. You could tell the Jon Gruden didn't give a damn about this year. Run in in Oakland to finish it out, by the way, if you care the Coliseum stadium vote to believe will happen this Friday in terms of the raiders being able to play this upcoming season at the Coliseum. I haven't checked my construction sources have not informed me. But I think the Vegas stadium is on lines open in twenty twenty. So the possibility of the raiders playing past this upcoming season. We think it it would be a remote to use that word, but the raiders Jon Gruden making this thing interesting. There are a lot to be on hard knocks. Wouldn't you think I know the Niners are in the mix for that? And a couple of other teams that have skated by and not had the HBO cameras to follow them. But with Antonio Brown, obviously, Jon Gruden obviously it being the raiders, but you bring it in Tonio Brown, and if they get levian Bill, which if you listen to the rumors is a possibility they've got to be a lot for. Hard knocks matter of fact, raiders are in hard knocks Levy on Beller. No, I'm watching it. I'm not necessarily a big hard knocks fans, so Matt maiocco and Scott bear as far as the local football teams. What they're doing in free agency and beyond will get into it. With those two very fine. Reporters do believe when Bob touches down in Houston with your Golden State Warriors. He will join us at around two thirty or so, and I can only assume that I can a should prepare for a barrage of a metro mom's house jokes is that what I should look forward to a we are nothing if not consistent around here at Fitz and books amalgamated industry. So when Bob does go back to back to my ancestral home. He likes to mention that. My mother is washing his clothes, and and fixing him a nice dinner. My mother is to Saint she would never do those sorts of things yet. Bob still feels the need to needle me one day. Bob one day. It's going to be a problem with you say that I get the sense though, that some people have a problem with the Niners kidding Kwan. Alexander Alexander, the Niners making that move in free agency yesterday nothing official until this time tomorrow when the free agent signing free agent signing period in the NFL begins. But as far as being able to talk to guys we all know how that works in the NFL. You can do it. No one's really going to say a thing. Unless unless you truly get out of pocket but Kwan Alexander inside linebacker projected to be Niners. Weakside linebacker. He's got everything you want. All right. He's got speed. He's got that motor, right? You tackles. Well, I think about how bad the Niners were tackling last year. Saying a guy tackles well. And and he's coming to the Niners that is that something that just gloss over if you ever dude, dude, if you have a dude in the middle of of that night or defense that can wrap up after what we saw last year, you take that and you run with it. But he's he's he's fast. He could tackle pass coverage skills, you know, as far as as far as being able to handle that part of the linebacking job and also being able to create turnovers. Quantel Alexander is to me anyway. A right fit. Now. I get it. I understand. Worried about the ACL thing. It's what we've talked about with Jimmy Garoppolo in his rehab is on schedule, maybe even ahead of schedule. But it's what we've talked about with Jimmy Garoppolo and other ACL tears couple of decades ago. Uterine ACL, it's a problem. It's a big problem. Not that you want it. But if you just hear your ACL that is not a death sentence for you as a professional athlete. It's not a death sentence for you in the N F L. Yes, you worry you can't help but worry, but as part of the deal, even if you haven't torn your ACL anytime you step across those white lines a ligament can snap. So I get the worry. But don't let that bother you too much. I will assume the Niners having a medical staff at at their fingertips they've done their due diligence. They understand the situation. I wouldn't worry about him coming back quite Alexander from an ACL tear. I would expect for him to be as fast as he was prior to the. He's not going to forget how to play football those instincts that have served them well through college and through his first couple years and the pros are still going to be there. Alexander has those football instincts, and he could still flow from sideline to sideline. He's going to pay dividends. In terms of trying to help you out in the past game. And maybe helped the Niners do something with their deadbolt take away. A takeaway numbers last year again to me, he's a perfect fit your bring a guy in that helps you with your tackling you bring a guy in that helps you with your ability. To get some good numbers in the plus takeaway column, and and this I think is the big f this is when you know, you'll be cooking with gas required Alexander. And this is where the dynasty -fensive line comes into the mix. We like to talk about edge rushers and we'll get into that with Matt maiocco. Now, what are the Niners options in free agency zigging out? So he has yet to visit the Niners. I believe he's going to visit the bills and one of the team. I forget exactly the Niners going to be in the mix. We could talk about video. So we can talk about just Houston. They're both thirty years old and out there on the free agent market understanding edge. Russia's are very important. But you know, what else is nice when you have a guy like a coin Alexander if your defensive line, if they're eating blocks is Quan Alexander have that instinct, and does he have that quickness to shoot those gaps and pressure quarterbacks where they don't like to be pressured right up the middle. If you get that he's well worth the price. So I can understand the reticence even though I don't really get all excited about it. In terms of him coming back from an ACL injury. The monthly aluminum worried about I wouldn't worry about that. At all as I like to say when it comes to team spending money, it's not your money. Why would you worry about it quite Alexander hostile mobile agile? He's got good football instincts. Other than the tornado coming back from that. Which again is not a death sentence in two days sports world. What's the drawback? We'll talk to mayo co about quantum Alexander. We'll get into Joey Bosa as well with the Niners. Get him with the second pick in the draft. Understanding his somewhat recent injury history and his levian Bill actually fit for not just the raiders but the Niners as well. Free agency. It is on and poppin both bay area teams have needs both bay area teams making splashes before.

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