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Time for money news, which we always have for you at 25 and 55 after the hour, Jeff claypot, how's it going? Closing bell in 5 minutes. The Dow is up, although just 60 points, the S&P 500 Index is up 7. The NASDAQ is up 11 points. The pricey D.C. housing market is cooling. The greater capital area association of realtors is the median price of a home that sold in the district last month was $650,000 that's 5 and a half percent lower than a year ago, it was also a 7% drop from the previous month. Fed George Jerome Powell, speaking in front of the Senate banking committee today, said a recession is certainly possible and said a soft landing, whereas rising rates don't cause economic disruption. It could be a challenge. More of us are kicking back at home. Lazy boy had a record two and a half $1 billion in sales last quarter. That was up 36% from a year ago. La-Z-Boy's been around since 1927, its first recliner was in outdoor porch chair. Jeff Klebold news. All right, Jeff, thanks. We continue to watch heavy weather that's in the WTO listening area. We still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until four 15 for a pretty wide swath of area of southeastern Washington and southwestern Frederick counties in Maryland along with loudoun county in Virginia, also east central Frederick and Clark counties in Virginia, along with fakir, and then the West Virginia Panhandle. There's this storm system that's been moving north to south basically right now to the southeast of martinsburg. That's the heaviest point. But this is throwing off some strong stuff here this afternoon and we'll keep an eye on that for you as we go through the afternoon. It's also throwing some rain into Montgomery county. That part of the storm system not rated severe at this time, but it's going to be an active afternoon. You want to stay with WTO for the fairy latest. And we've got traffic and weather coming action next That never, when you take care of your ride, we take care of you. That's why a $25 digital gift card can be yours when you buy ten quarts of Pennzoil platinum full synthetic motor

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