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Final hour power hour you better. You bet bet. L. tremendous thursday nick costas and your favorite handicappers favourite handicap. Her the one. The only the great can barclay aka. Lucky lacson recap. Bill matt's mike brown along for the ride as well in this final hour of our show on a thursday in this hour. The hour of power. All our beds for tonight the new york football giants and the washington football team super duper excited to break down this game. We're not going to give you picky around the show. You want just like someone just being like. Add take this. This was the best we like in this game. I'm taking the side with no explanation. No rationale go be a lemming walk but walked right off that cliff. Good luck we're going to do is walk you through exactly how we see the game playing out from the proper perspective dame side total all of it. We are arming you. With all the knowledge you need whether you tell all of our whether you want to fade us whether you wanna take stuff that we don't take we're going to give you all the information you need to make valuable bets tonight. Giants in the washington. Football team really excited for that perverse hidden. We're gonna talk about.

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