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Pretty amazing too. And get credits. It's such a good job. Getting the today. The minute is reasonable for fantastic base was pretty pretty cool. Yeah. What about the ipad covers because you do like, quite the I? We've now moved onto a Jade is on Holly Jose chose she's doing but. Yeah. So I didn't call and that was fun job kind of taking them apart and bring a life to them and trying to make them Hollywood. Yeah. Because that's that's the fun of is to make is film as possible. So and again that folded into all doing job really is kind of making stuff into animation. Hopefully with more video work. Wow. Awesome. How boring is that? I did. Least favor and remember it doesn't have to be a gold. Williams, his head just like the universally just the most lamented empire cover, isn't it? Pretty well. We weren't by the time. Now, we know. So we can all say. So let's go with that one or. ABC deputy one. From early nineties. I think in green green cards even at a time in Phil Phil's like really we're going to put him on the cover. I would see. He was a big big time. Noisy. Hey, hey, come on. Now. I apologize. Jeez. Good lord. I then. Sandy newman. Then French what are you doing Chris? I this is again what we have to hear every day, and I will miss it. John is art Yonex one asks going slightly one dimensional here. Best movie poster typeface on his. God. Here we go. Okay. Best movie posted typeface worst USA Photoshop a movie poster. Okay. The worst shop because it's gonna be about coding. No, no. This is the X men I class. There was this horrifies one of James McEvoy is just like shadow of the wheelchair and his face with a fetid out was face just in the wheelchair. And it all Consolo. It didn't remember it. But it's if you it's. It's terrible. Yeah. Yeah. In more recently. I think Spiderman homecoming it was like it was a custody of just all the awful. Yeah. I mean that is the one and they did with. And. So. And it's the first resort. And it is just like. James McEvoy sort of ghostly apparition con I shot of himself. It's James mcevoy's. Head emerging from his crotch from this isn't the silhouette of Charles savior first class because you've got hair. So that's Patrick Stewart. So jan. Jan voice. Head is protruding. How can I put this politely from Patrick Stewart's? Oh god. Okay. Hoping there was a different way that good end. And and I guess not. Uncle James mcevoy's noses Patrick's Stewart's. Ooh. This way. Sorry. Please. Again, this is another conversation. So this is. Sorry. You're gonna you're gonna miss this. When you go to work with normal people. Interesting. Ten things get you arrested anywhere else. Thirty. What was the other question? It was something about. Yeah. Obviously as we know from the SNL sketch with Ryan Gosling. It's papyrus. Favor among. It depends. If you're talking about the logos. I guess Star Wars is the most it's the most famous for that is the most recognizable say also because it's already changed has actually the first one thousand seventeen seventy seven that first regional poster. Yeah. Slight different boat. Yes, does Star Wars controversial joint some only. I think the best. DT has love David Heslop. Have you ever snuck any personal injury into any of your art for empire like a street? Sign labeled Hewitt's passage or something. Yes. In the latest empire. The new one knows about yet. Georgia is snuck in there. Where is trivial? Now. I is quite small. I mean, you could have an eagle-eyed to really find him game for the Philippines. They can find him. Okay. First person to tweet only with the location charge are in this month's issue. And this will be the December the was just much come out went to come out. It next week next week. Yeah. Is it next week third wins that week after next then what third? That doesn't seem. I never I next week. So next week's issue, which has can say it was on the cover. Probably not it has something on the cover forgotten. Anyway, it's good. Georgia. Kill me. Now. I remember. Yes. And there's stuff in there and charger being Cisneros tweet us first person tweet only winds, you just gotta like. Like. But that that those stacks of empire Benjamin's you're about to. Just like, it's quite important these days..

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