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Those vegan restaurants oh try the vegan chocolate cake taste just like the real thing no it doesn't have you ever had really good chocolate cake doesn't tastes like doesn't tastes like i'm not worried about it on 44 years old be 45 in a couple of weeks i plan on dine at sixty now what got a life the i hope i die out at my leg gavin just wilder shoved me into the lake an and and i don't know put some weights around my ankle i'm totally leaders sixty absolutely now lobby fire from here and i don't know three four weeks i left violence going right under the sunset i'll take you with me nothing with no you don't wanna cope with that uh that with russell wilson here what are dubbed three is looking at here's is pre breakfast a tablespoon of almond butter and a tablespoon of jam he just eat what what was your flavors what's your flavor of jim nikki ally strawberry strawberries your simonet going to favour cut his good abraham's good to i'd so i just try this for a day okay just go and get a tablespoon of almond butter no almond butter not butter almond butter that thing no no no no no contrary on for oh hey there is a one of those trader joe's down the street from here i can take your over there and where he gets a spoon full apparently multilateral says that trader joe scholarship thirty seven dollars because it's organic and you are paying to walk the aisles with uh some some hot shaking on zulle yoga pants him chloe carrier care at all you have a two cubs of cooked oatmeal sixhole eggs fruit chicken breasts for breakfast aid ounces approach gene with a m who is any day of the year that's not thanks giving way i never heard of anyone saying i'm eating yams i e here's a snack fruits twelve almonds shake of way protein if if he's splurge energy gulf like thirteen or fourteen all i mean i don't know if you had a really hard work out whatever it is rush you do your thing he just wear my heart some games it's nbc sports radio.

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