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Thousands of people dropped out of the workforce. Scott Horsley NPR NEWS Washington Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in China. It's forbidden to commemorate the day in China. Hong Kong has held an annual vigil. But Hong Kong police have arrested two activists as China tightens its control over the region. NPR's Emily Thing is more one of those arrested is activist and lawyer Chao Hong Kong. Normally, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong gathered to remember the untold numbers of democracy protesters killed by Chinese soldiers in Beijing in 1989, because the vigilant Hong Kong was banned. Chao and others had encouraged Hong Kongers to light a candle at home or take a walk on their own. Instead, NPR's Emily Fang reporting The CEO of the company, whose cargo ship leaked chemicals into the ocean near Sri Lanka has apologized. Mystery like a Navy is trying to limit more damage from what may be one of the worst environmental disasters in the region. Sushma to Pataki reports Express Theatre CEO Schmoll You escalates, made the apology during a TV interview. I'd like to express my deep regrets and apologies. The through Duncan people Fishing has been suspended along parts of Sri Lanka school Most and debris, including terms of tiny plastic pellets have been washing up on beaches there. The ship's hull is now lying on the seabed. This three London Navy posted video of their diverse trying to inspect it for any oil spill, but said that bad weather and poor visibility to what did their efforts Friday. Three Lankan authorities are on standby with equipment to skim any oil should there be a leak? For NPR News. I'm Social Media Patrick in Hyderabad, India. European Union ambassadors have decided to ban airlines from Belarus from flying over EU territory or landing at EU airports. EU airlines won't be allowed to fly over Belarus either. This comes after the Belarussian government diverted a passenger plane and forced it to land in Belarus last month. Agents then arrested in opposition journalist who was aboard. He is still detained on Wall Street. The Dow was now up 71 points. You're listening to NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Brian White. A few 100 demonstrators are gathering at Oakland's Middle Harbor Park this morning to protest the docking of an Israeli ship at the port. The air resource and organizing center says the cargo ship owned by Israeli company Zim is planning to dock this morning at the Oakland Port. And they aim to prevent it from unloading its cargo in order to show solidarity with Palestine Demonstrators plan to picket at the park throughout the day. Peninsula and Silicon Valley. Commuters will have to wait longer than expected for completion of an ambitious rail project designed to ease traffic congestion in the corridor. KQED is Dan Brackey explains. Caltrans highly anticipated electrification project is supposed to deliver faster, greener commuter rail service and make it possible for the agency to dramatically increased ridership. Service was scheduled to begin late next year. But Caltrain officials announced yesterday that delays in procuring signal systems, construction challenges and other problems will delay the start of its new electric trains until sometime in 2024. The agency also disclosed the project's price tag has grown by $330 million from the previous estimate of two billion. Cal trains electrified Peninsula Corridor is designed to serve as the route for California high speed rail trains in.

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