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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm amy held. Health officials are investigating a new corona virus case in California that has no obvious links to traveling from China. Npr's Richard Harris reports. The patient has been in isolation at the UC Davis Hospital. In Sacramento officials. Say The patient was transferred from another hospital but the CD would not immediately test samples from the patient because they didn't meet the CDC's criteria eventually CDC ran a test and the results were positive for corona virus. The individual lives in Solano County which is also the home of Travis. Air Force base the sight of some evacuations from Asia. Health officials are now investigating but so far. They say they see no link to other known cases cases that arise in the community are a concern because they could be a sign that the disease is starting to spread. There are now sixty reported cases of the corona virus in the US and this one is the first real mystery. Richard Harris NPR news health and Human Services Secretary Alex as our says a privately made corona virus test could be sent to dozens of Public Health. Labs as soon as tomorrow pending. Fda clearance it comes amidst a bottleneck in testing because of problems with the test kits the CDC had distributed two labs stocks are continuing their downward slide today as investors grow more concerned about the spread of the virus in the first hour of trading. The Dow fell more than nine hundred points. All the major market indices fell into correction territory today. Meaning they've tumbled at least ten percent from their recent highs. Un and Iraqi officials have announced the names of the first UCD victims of the Isis genocide to be identified by DNA testing NPR's. Jane Arraf has more from Baghdad. Should HE JOHNSON? Person officials read the names of sixty two victims from the village of Cujo where Isis six years ago rounded up men and older boys shot them and dumped them in a mass grave near the start of the Isis genocide targeting the small zd religious minority in northern Iraq. The bodies will be returned to survivors to be buried in the village. Another seventy three mass graves in the area are still to be excavated. The bodies identified included relatives of Nobel Peace Prize winner. Nadia Murad who is enslaved by Isis and was one of the first CD women to testify. What had happened to her Jane Arraf? Npr News Baghdad. Democratic candidates are fanning out across South Carolina ahead of Saturday's primary. It's the first big test. Among African American voters demographic former Vice President Joe Biden has been counting on in a race. That is fast becoming nationalized next week. A Super Tuesday when the most states hold their nominating contests. Biden's campaign is being far outspent in ad buying Mike Bloomberg plans to spend two hundred million dollars in advertising in Super Tuesday states. You're listening to NPR news. Muslim homes are charred. Streets are bear in New Delhi. Today amid a shaky calm imposed by security forces after religious riots broke out earlier this week in India's capital more than thirty people were killed in the violence. Hundreds injured a disputed new citizenship law led to clashes between Muslims and Hindus the Vatican says Pope Francis is slightly indisposed after he skipped one event but says he will stick to the rest of his schedule. Npr's Sylvia Poggioli reports the eighty three year. Old Pontiff was seen coughing and blowing his during Ash Wednesday. Mass Pope Francis had been scheduled to take part in lenten service at Rome's Saint. John's Lateran Basilica of arrogant statement said all his other commitments would go ahead regularly. The pope is enjoyed generally good health. Other than occasional leg pain due to SCIATICA. He's also missing part of one lung that was removed when he was in his early twenties after suffering from Berkeley. Laos's use of the pope's indisposition came as Italy is in the grips of a covert nineteen outbreak at.

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