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Be too tired and too stressed for too long. So the pressure were putting on these kids, you know, it's hard to take. Right. Well, it it is for many. And if they have the many kids have the idea that that the most the only successful people in this world, our top students and people who never feel at anything. And I think that that I spent a lot of high energy trying to disabuse kids of this notion that it makes so much difference. Where you go to college that it's worse sacrificing to a healthy brain to get into an elite college. Is that that so yeah, I think it's worrisome. Women in many kids there used to be that kids would fight back. You know, the kids would say get off my back thing. And and now so many kids, they just internalize all this stress and pressure, and this delusional idea that some of the only way you become successful is driving yourself continuance in and just doesn't work. And so a lot of these kids thirty percent college freshman not returning to college. As as sophomores, regardless of the reason for returning home. It can be quite devastating right for students who feel that they've somehow failed for their parents who have a variety of emotions attached to this child of theirs. Who's dropped out of college early. I guess you've seen both ends of the spectrum. There is devastating. And I see a lot of kids who I consult a lot of kids who didn't make the come back home. And they meet with me. And I'm struck by many of them there was this no chance. I mean, if you could predict that they would be home by by November. I by by thanksgiving that just didn't have the chops to do it or they just they just weren't. They weren't that. Many. I see a lot of kids. I say are you really looking forward to go to college. And they all say, how can hardly wait are you are you are you re looking forward to spending hours in the library in this kidding me. You know, and they come home in many kids feel they feel stupid. The Phil embarrassed. I feel like getting behind their friends. They feel terrible about wasting their parents money or. About the academic debt that they're incurring they're taking out loads. So it's very painful for everybody and can be real a real game changer can change the trajectory right of of some kids very early on in their lives. It does in one of the first things that I tell kids is the first time I went to graduate school. I went for twenty straight weeks at the university of California Berkeley, and I didn't turn into single assignment. And I fly I flunked out. And it was the best possible thing that could have happened to me and telling them that the tone somebody who's had a really charmed life, basically flunked out of school in encouraged about I try to normalize it so common the these days that this to happen. But kids feel terrible about it. And it does for some kids that really takes off track. Although it doesn't have to there's there's as many kids who uses experience as a way to grow. And they understand that they weren't ready. The figure out what they need to do to get ready, and they do that. Let me bring another voice into the conversation. Now, joining me from Owensboro Kentucky is Raynsford staffer Raynsford. Dropped out of college after her freshman year, moved home to Kentucky Raynsford. Welcome to one point how nice to have you. Thank you so much for having me. So you were an overachiever in high school, you had great grades. And there was little doubt in your mind that you'd excel in college. But then freshman year came tell me what happened. I think it was a culmination of a lot of different things that lead me to ultimately exit school at the.

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