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Buy sixer to be six or less or whatever and morningstar spitzer right out former wait till you don't get the financial reports of all these companies ansett they're reading them all day long as a form of that's what i have to help ask not what i do yes i prefer to the computer do a lot of my work forming but it makes it much faster variety as it you know because the morning of resist thousands and thousands of bonn's tasty and it would take me a day or two revolvers financial report or hide and even find the bonds in in the reports and find the debt servicing all that stuff but morningstar has so many ratios on the companies they keep track of so many financial ratios i can find just about any ratio on even a book price to book from the things like that are in there and on bonds i was shocked when not the bhandari in there because i don't even know morningstar tracked bonds but i was surprised when i opened amongst our is all bonds all bonds in the us publiclytraded bonds in the us in their nose like this is greatest gold mine uh and i started screen highyield bonds and in its it's really a wealth of information because the credit rating doesn't tell you everything about a come writer it opt under very misleading yes and so this company that has referred to his willingness company could be rabe with another company whose earnings and profits earned in steady decrease in they could still be rid the same is forced credit rating companies go there to entirely different in a situation the right as i said they're not the same situated nine same boat by any means but the karine agencies might have militias in this happens law i'm there's a crack drug infants companies the jump on her either on their way down so to speak but there's also companies on the way up derived in.

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