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I mean, yes, I thought they have to do. Yeah. And on that, you know, when should obey went down Jordan Lewis when he came in and played a bulk of the snaps played quite well after not playing well in limited in limited reps. Now, you know, how if you about them how do you feel about? I think. Got to be with you. I mean, especially by the move to Byron from safety the corner. Aspen. Great for this defense. He's he's paid amazingly. He's played his arguably one of the best corner in the league. So far this season. He's using his linked to his advantage. I mean, he looks like he's in that actual corner and really been a huge boost Stevens we knew this defense has some talent. I mean, I think Byron's play has raised everybody else's game. Anthony Brown has been to be Frank Shaw. King. He had a pretty decent pretty good worke season kind of fell off the little bit last year. He was picked on a lot. He wasn't the same as he was bringing crystal schallert, and he sme-. Smi Bill were questioning his decision to play ham over Jordan Lewis who he himself had a pretty strong rookie season which worked out Anthony Brown's taken away the slot. He's playing very well. He's I mean, he's you spin gray season. I mean, I mean buyer and have been a great duo. For the Cowboys in the back end. Like, you said about, you know, be I mean, you kind of have to pick your poison back there, you can't attack Byron you you been hesitate Italian new brand away he's been playing. So you mean Luc's to last guy pretty much and then he's been playing. Well, I mean the lions game was kind of a nutshell of his season. He was in the right spot. But they're they afraid they had freak sat there when they add golladay and Tae, obviously, take move Dominy discussed that. But he put he has some good coverage. But they just made plays over him. I think I love to do as potential, and I think he can't very well be very good. So overall, give him a agree with you. I think they've been huge spot. I think this is the reason why the coun- we have one of the better defense in the league right now. I agree. And if they can start turning the ball over on thing. Yeah. I mean, I think that they could be a the top defense in they can turn the ball over. Now. It's about the safeties. What do you think? I'm not sure what to give a great for them. As far as I mean. They've had some good moments have had some Bob Moe's factor in death behind the starters. I know it's P tests and good moments. He's also had some moments were you're like what what's going on. Like, I believe it's a lion's game on his say could be. Yeah. Got shook out of his shoes over. Just that. But then he comes around in Jaguars game almost pick six. So you needs. I mean, Jeb he he's he is who he is. He's going to have to moments. You can ask them bad moments. Frazier start out at the year, pretty high. He is playing well, especially with would sidelines, and I do like woods, I think he adds element. Did. Does this defense will love this season goes on say a c they haven't jumped off to. Admi opinion day that done enough to be to be huge weakness. I mean, they've given up some scores and things of that nature. But I get to see what do you think? I'm right there with you. It's it's tough to to really pay too much attention to the safeties on this team because the rest of the defensive so good you want to watch the other levels of of the defense as. So I think I think he is pretty fair. They're definitely the weak link on the defensive side of the football. But I don't think that they're a cancer. Any? I don't think they're a fatal flaw or anything of that nature. I think they're good enough..

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