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Here. Cuyler Murray should send a little thank you note, maybe to Baker Mayfield because Baker Mayfield showed last year that a as someone who's not that prototype size. Tim can be successful in the NFL and cliff very out there in Arizona is going to install a new offense. And Kyla Murray's the kinda guy that can fit in there. Now having said that this would have never happened in the NFL that guy five foot ten no take number one overall. You think back Michael Vick was he's a little bit bigger, but still this is kind of an unprecedented pick, and it's going to have to be evaluated down the road. The other problem for the cardinals now is still up. Josh rosen. He is still on the roster unable to trade him. I still think they're going to try to trade him. But now, it's a buyer's market is definitely a buyer's market. I thought look I knew they got clip Kingsbury that this was probably going to happen. But I hoped that somebody's head would have prevailed and kept it from happening. All right. Let's talk about the giants taking Daniel Jones at number six wait until number seventeen and got him. Absolutely. They could've traded down and done this. Obviously, Pat Shurmur believes this is their quarterback of the few cherry won't up to start right away behind Eli manning. But I agree unless the giants had information that somebody is ready to jump in there and take Daniel Jones. Here's the issue here. He does have that prototye type size six five to twenty. But if you look at his numbers from Duke, he really didn't improve much over his three years as a starter. In fact, you might say his freshman year might have been best year. So the upside here questionable and the giants fans as you might imagine him not very happy. They never have. Happy happy. That's true. Given that a couple of reasons number one they didn't like the pic. We we know that. But number two they passed on Dwayne Haskett. That's what I don't understand. Yeah. He not not only did they pass on him. He fell into the lap of the Redskin. Which is you know, how that goes in division? You don't wanna see that happen? You might have to play him twice a year. So they've got a couple of reasons to really put this one under the spotlight. All right. Let's move onto the Miami Dolphins. I think this was a pretty good pick a lot of people don't like it. But I like it. I think it's a pretty good pick Christian Wilkins, great defensive tackle. We found out. How good he was when we went out on suspension last year. Yeah. Outstanding player. This is not your sexy type of pick for the Miami. Dolphins who need a lot of help. But this is a guy who's going to be in headline for a lot of years and provide some impact on that defensive line any surprises to you. Well, yeah. There were you know, I really thought the team that was going to be the key to the first round was going to be the Oakland. Maybe they were going to load up and try to move up and do some things and then they hit us apprised pick with number four with Cleveland Farrell from Clemson outstanding player bright. There was another one where you probably go to got him in the fifteen or so range, maybe even twenty but a at again shows the priority put on Dallas Cowboys are going to be looking for these guys as well. The priority put on somebody who can get to the quarterback feral twenty-seven career sacks. He can do that. All right. And we also know that the Dallas Cowboys don't have a pick until I believe it's fifty eight today in the second round in Oakland could trade and get Josh Rosen. They could do that. They could end up doing that as well. So there's a lot of teams that could be in the mix for Josh Rosen. Of course, the Miami Dolphins had been mentioned as as well. Right now. They've got Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter. Yeah. I know that's unfortunate. All right. Tonio first news correspondent and former voice of the Miami. Dolphins bills ever have a great weekend..

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