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Or peration that meant he was paralyzed and blind. I went and lots of therapy. came out then the unconsciously, not consciously US trying to make up for it and say, okay, his world's diminished also, my mom's because she became a carer now she's still was working psychotherapist on some level I think our or go to make up for it do something diverting. So I'd go off and do jobs, and then I come back and tell them all about. It. So I was very much married to my parents for a long time didn't really grow up I spent a long time not growing up that's extraordinary. So you would go out and be their emissaries literally. But in the sense that you'd go out and uncovered things, we'll have adventures on sets around the world and then come home and then download some of those experiences. And they must have found that very rewarding. How lucky they were to have a daughter who was doing it for them when their world had become so small I. Think Mom said something when people become really really ill I think people are much better now talking about illness whether it's physical or mental but then which was in the eighty s mom said like a lot of their friends just in. Torch them. A lot of amazing friends came to the house in, which is visit died became really interesting place because all these people would come through. It's like a sat on his brain was amazing and remained amazing amazing compensation that big sort of on history and current affairs. But then there are other people who just didn't know what to say to my mom if she went out to a party. They could say who has Helena doing, and then that would be a way of having some contact. She said, you liked the dog you know when dad became ill people could. About you. Everyone talks to each other if they got a dog so to weigh in, but I also think that those a lot to be said for staying at home. It was very, very interesting household. And anybody meets my parents and I know I sound like I've still got arrested development but they really were extrordinary. My Dad was extraordinary I'm remains extraordinary. If it's too intrusive to us. Your Mum's breakdown was that something that occasion did was diagnosed nowadays we tend to use words like bipolar or things like that with something. She's not a all bipolar she had depression I think. There's quite lot of mental health issues in our family, but I think there are most families she's psychotherapist..

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