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Don't feel comfortable driving and old car hard you know. It's not even that. It's i always wanted one of these. I mean it's going back to your fifty years old and you still thinking about your high school girlfriend. Eight the same thing you might not. You might not understand girl. Now get to go back and fuck the high school. The car ages just like the girl. She's had eight kids. Okay this is. This is gone eight next time. We sit on a piano haggerty. Liberties that analogy the way met fair. Made a really interesting. Do the your story last night. i mean cam. East told the story a couple of times in the last few days about this couple. Buying a nineteen seventy seven porsche for their eighteen year old son and promptly getting there a collective mommy and daddy's panties in a twist because a couple of screws in the door were loose. It was like what they were loose in. Nine hundred seventy again news for an e type drove like that in one thousand nine hundred sixty four an it now and you kind of go just drive. My tesla doesn't drive like it doesn't dry. Something was made in nineteen sixty four. Yeah managed against its contemporary. Yeah and you go through that with guys who want a db five aston martin right track. I wanna buy bond car no. You don't know what you should do. And what was it like owning it for your why. You're reselling it. Well you know you can't you can't take it there. It's not fast as it's no air conditioning. You know tracker experiences can be fun like leary like pre porsche from nineteen fifty nine hundred fifty five. They have a volkswagen steering box. They have dropped me breaks pursue that and you go into jeff's tour again. Og jeff bright with six fifty three and he'd like rallies i think he writes in the snow yet sideways. Yeah the whole deal and it's just such a fun thing. It's such a but you know you have to have this mindset to your point about vintage watches. It's like this. It's an imperfect analogy because owning. Oh you have to wind it up take care of it you have to water it you know same. Do you guys know john bothwell. Yes oh johnny down in newport the percent per sangatte yeah and on top of being the percent guy. He is a model t. enthusiast and he owns like six or seven masochist. Yes that's what i was getting at. And he's just all about that he has to do something on his fucking thing every he pretty much daily multi and he's you know he's always fit always. He's the right guy thirties. Yeah he's got the mindset. I'm expecting to break down and they'll fix it when it breaks. Please three fifty seven and a bottle of whiskey in the of it because you need one of the other is. I've said this status one of our one of our friends who shall remain nameless. And i was i said. Is he really in a car enthusiast. Or is he a guy that has money and can afford old car and it began rabbit hole. That's that's one of those. Yeah i have a shit ton of money. And i think i should own these things. I don't know if you actually in them or you're a deal junkie. There's also that aspect you allowed to enjoy looking at them for sure. That's fine but different strokes for different folks. That's that's there's no judgment there. But i don't know that if he didn't have the money if he would strive to hear ice cars. What do you have an affordable sports car. If that was way had this is. I'm having this because it's flash and it's good for my influencing style. You know who ever talked a gentleman driver out of buying a canam car formula one car and go and you will die all the time. You don't wanna be that dentist on the track. Okay you want to be the moving chicane. Yeah you know. It's actually contrary to believe can spend more time talking people out of buying cars into into them buying them. Don't want this. You need a friend with one and you need to drive his once or once a year. You don't wanna be the guy that owns this. It's to end badly. What do you have that approach about buying a car. That is way out of their league in terms of performance. Is that something. That's kind of what i just met. There's ones that are like. I guess i'm looking at the the can also be very finicky to own. They can be incredibly difficult to maintain. Are there are. There are also customers. That just don't have the ability for the cars are shopping for the you. Talk a little bit. I think it's more like talk him into the reality of ownership. Like what does it really look like. What's the runway. The long runway of owning something. That's a cop car you know because they're going to require more services and you require more investment and particularly if you're going to use it you know we've had a lot of success lately Selling four cam cars. And there's this whole black art that oh you can't use them. They're really usable. If you take care of 'em and maintenance them and it has a good engine rebuild. Their awesome cars starting with a great baseline. It's going to be a very easy to maintain the business usually true with anything but a lot of those cars suffer from having been neglected for the first ten years of their life right their second and third owner and then they fell apart. And we're expensive to fix. Nobody could fix them. But i the mercenary business side of me of sent to friends. I probably said this four or five years ago where we'd get guys and they'd say i want to buy this and you kinda go. That's not you shouldn't have. What if you're dead stuck on buying it full for not selling it to you because you're just going to buy from somebody else and i've left all this money on the table. I will say after the fact when you come back in six months. Probably shouldn't have bought this. But i i i've said you want this i i will give you my best. This is why you shouldn't have it. If you really really really wanted to find the best one ever and then you'll enjoy it or you won't come back. Everything was fine until it wasn't and that's that's that's a hard. That's a funny thing to do. If you want to stay in business and you you wanna have a reputation trying to save somebody from themselves. Yeah the you know. You shouldn't marry that woman that is you shouldn't have that girlfriend. That's his high strung crazy beautiful redhead in the going to do it told you that was maintenance particular make model car that there's a heavy buyer's remorse is there a. Is there a car that repeatedly people think they want and decide. They don't want very quickly or is it just all over the map it's career. Gt suffers. from that. I mean i think a lot guys. Think they want one and then they get in it and try to drive And it's hard you know it's it's not it's not a nine eighteen especially obviously you stay in the office. Especial -cation car. The reality of driving one is a commitment. Yeah focused at were. What's going to bite you in the ass. Nine fifty nine fifty nine is not for the the weak knees jeff's weren't told me that he has never owned more expensive ever owned a more expensive car if he can ball out like last year. Stephen i bought at nine fifty nine sport For client and i would so rather have sport if he can pay the premium because it doesn't have the nanos the different suspension. It's far better experience to be honest. Driving comfort is a anticlimactic experience. Driving a nine hundred. Turbo is more fun and rewarding comfort. Nine fifty nine but if you have to have one in the collection i get it but it's going to bring it to you knees at some point. I mean it's like.

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