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Go, 6 53. Let's check the roads now with Lori Grandi. And the Subaru retailers have New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Mr Jeffrey Brown. These continue to be tough force on 93 south out. Stop and go. I'm talking about tough. Sullivan Square to that lever connector, and that's heaviest while getting onto store or drive. Lots of volume. Two coming across the second bridge into the O'Neill Tell at this point, the Tobin is okay. All right, let's get a check of the upper end at 1 28 with Kristen X. She's over the WBC news radio traffic copter. Well, Laurie, we've arrived at the scene of the crash of what 28 south boundary to in Lexington. We're down to one vehicle in the breakdown lane along with state police behind them, But we're hearing that this may have become a medical emergency. So we're now waiting for the very least in the ambulance. If not the fire department to arrive on scene here. Expect that things were going to get worse at the moment. Everybody is getting by this. Fairly well. Chris Tanaka, the WBC news radio traffic copter 95 North and is still jam for about a mile to Pontus Street to a 93 the expressway Real tough Eastman Square to Columbia Road. Still, we're dealing with the crash in Auburn. It's on to 90 East about a car went off the road into the woods. The shoulder is blocked as they deal with the situation. It's he's bound to 90 at Swanson Road. Lori granted WBC's traffic on the three looking better at sunrise here in Boston. A check on the four day WBZ Jack you weather forecast brought to us this time by the North Atlantic States Carpenters union. Here's meteorologist, Matt Bends. And looking like a nice one here for today, Sunny to partly cloudy skies.

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