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One three eight one one couple of questions kind of having a left field. But in thinking about them, and there's really no perfect way to insert them into the program. This guy Machado is a great baseball player. He just signed a contract with Sania go three hundred million dollars for ten years. By my calculation that averages out the thirty million a year. Now if Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren or any of the Marxist for running a any of these these leagues. How could you pay one guy thirty million three hundred million over ten years when other guys running much less than that? That's not fair is it, Mr. producer. Well, you might say well now, well, they perform they bring in a lot more money. Well, that's exactly how capitalism works. That's how business works some businesses. Make a lot more money than others some fail. Some succeed beyond one's imagination. Is that fair? We just heard from a. Doc that any dollar over ten million dollars should be taxed at seventy to ninety percent. So should Machado's dollars beyond ten million dollars twenty million dollars a year be taxed at seventy to ninety percent. What do you think he would think about that? Now, I asked this question because liberalism is widespread in sports. Athletics. The players the sportscasters even many of the owners, not all flow, more conservative. But some of them, you know, it's very loose views morals at least one of them. But anyway, so my question is. Many of these team members and so forth. They won't go to the White House. Many of them claim to be liberal many of them who claim to be social Justice wars, though. I don't see a hell of a lot of that. What about this? When the rubber hits the road when it affects your finances. Do you agree that every dollar after their first ten million? You earn should be taxed at seventy to ninety percent Diaz agree with a wealth tax, which is what's being pushed to that? Everything you've earned a certain percentage of that should be taken by the federal government each and every year. What do you say LeBron? Do you agree with that? Of course, they would never agree to that. Why is sports untouchable? But every other part of our society is not we have these rich people who while we have rich football players baseball player, especially basketball yet guys making forty forty five million dollars a year. Now, I don't begrudge it. I could care less. I don't can't they make four billion dollars a year. I mean, if they put the league out of business, that's not my problem. But I'm saying. For all these social Justice warriors. Is it a problem? By the way, I'm very excited about so it's been a very tough six or eight months around the Levin household greatly. As I've told you. But there's something I'm very excited about I am ninety percent done. My book I've had to stop writing it for a period of time. But I will write it about three in the morning three thirty in the morning. After a brief break after my radio program. I'll write it all weekend long. If I'm here. I'm ninety percent done. This is not a heavy book in terms of philosophy. It's not a heavy book in terms of. You know? What I'm trying to say is it's kind of flow very easily just like liberty and tyranny. And I think you're gonna love it. Because it does apply to what's going on today. And it has history sprinkled in with current events sprinkled in with some philosophy sprinkled in. I I really think you're gonna love this book. I can't I'm not allowed to say anymore. I know it's ridiculous. And the reason they don't want to say anymore because there's so many backbenchers out there. I can't even give you the title yet. And the title is very exciting. It's very cool. I CoCo now. I'm just kidding. He already wrote his book. But it is a very very exciting book. I actually very much enjoyed working on it to the extent. I can enjoy anything the last six months. And after this program, I'm going to grab a bite, and then I'm going to get right back to it. And I think those of you who are interested in getting my books. I think you're going to be. You're gonna find it not only really interesting, you're gonna learn a lot, and it'll be applicable to what's going on today. That's all I'm allowed to I can't say anymore. Don't be mad.

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