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These concert goers are in grave danger and that might be true they are in chicago after all. Ben dominant there so you had to be vaccinated to go to lollapalooza either had to show your vaccination card over showa. Kobe test and they turned away people who didn't have them. But you know the the word on the street is you can spread it even if you're vaccinated so yeah not as readily but they say with the delta variant more readily now. This segment is going to be tangentially about the chinese bad fever. If you're sick and tired of it but it's mostly about governance yes and government First of all just a quick covert note. Now there's a congressional report out that says yeah. The was probably starting to spread in september and october of two thousand nineteen in wuhan and the chinese covered it up like crazy remember opinion that also for baton on social media not long ago. Don't get me started as explain this whole thing to my son is. I drove him back from football practice last night. September of twenty nineteen win. This erupted in china. And the freaking lying death-dealing communists could have alerted the world and saved the lives of millions of people twenty eight trillion dollars in money spent millions and millions of kids. That missed out on school. All of that could have been avoided if they were a normal country but at a honest and it was not just a bad execution of socialism or communism it was the very nature of the system that made it certain that they would cover up for themselves that they would protect the communist party first and foremost as they always always do and again the cover-up began immediately because of the nature communism so many lives lost if it had come out in a normal country like the united states or great britain or australia name a whole bunch of countries. Victor hit erupted a normal country. Like that immediately. Who the world would have been alerted. The best scientists from around the world would come in that have been quarantining all over the place and it would have been captured in that one area at the very beginning. I believe that is probably true. Absolutely we would have been a very very different scenario. Very very Quickly it's worth pointing out that you health professionals who are learning us in early twenty twenty that hey guys we had this weird rash of respiratory illness that we couldn't treat in november and december of twenty nine teen Thanks for the tip. You people were absolutely right. It's almost certainly The beginning of the west coast spread cova from people who traveled to china You're right again An opinion that was Derided as a conspiracy theory and and forbidden for awhile by the great arbiters of truth in our nation's museum government. I wonder you know maybe somebody who's knows more about these things than us could weigh in on this. I wonder if we're not actually like the delta varying is actually like the epsilon or the what's the f. what's the f. word for that comes out say the f- word alpha beta gamma delta epsilon and zeta ada feda feda eight anyway. We could easily beyond several letters down the road right since it was bouncing around starting in september. What we've been calling the alpha might actually been sier de jerk like what my son had. Because he he had like january of twenty twenty He missed a whole week of school. With what covert like thing that they'd never identified could have been the early version of that easily yet. Definitely so the main thrust of what i want to talk about. This segment is A remarkably balanced article in the new york times the liberal new york times in which. They're talking about well. The headline is american. Suffer pandemic whiplash as leaders struggle with changing virus. Yeah and they're talking about the wild inconsistencies of the messaging and how it's been done fairly poorly and how the administration really hasn't done much better than the trump administration different mistakes but the one thing that's interesting to me about a lot of this discussion is they. Don't recognize the fact that the virus precautions the virus responses that. We're all being asked to participate in more like a weather forecast than a black and white thing it began. Then there's the middle then there's the end covert is over. And i think a lot of people had that view of it when much more a localized thing local outbreaks the number of cases in infections and hospitalizations and the rest of it and like weather forecasts. It's going to change it's gonna change fairly consistently and and you're gonna to lay low for a while and there's very very little concern. And then you know. Maybe you're in the midwest it's tornado season or you get hurricanes coming or wildfires it just the situation changes because that's the nature of disease so i think why do you why do you think why do you think they can't do that though. Why do you think they don't do that. Why didn't joe biden come out because six days after he said i repeat if you've been vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask. Six days later his white house was telling us. We need to wear masks that we could catch it but he didn't come out and say the science change. We got a new We got new data. Here's what we've got and so we've had change your mind. Why don't they make it more clear. I think the answer to that question probably would require a really really interesting book to be written and it and it may have been but i think it's that they don't think the public can absorb anything once but the most dumb dog simple messages and he subtlety any. Hey look this is the situation now but we gotta keep an eye on because it might get worse than we gotta go back to doing x. y. and z. All mixed measures. Well haven't they noticed that this changing direction. All of a sudden people are noticing that and reacting poorly as in like me. We just don't believe anything anymore because you just all of a sudden have a new guideline and don't explain it at all right right. I think it's the hubris of the elite. They assume we're stupid and they fashion all messages to the stupidity. Stupidest among us which is not a good way to go which brings me to a surprising piece. I found in slate. Dot com. slate is unforgivably liberal. But they haven't article called the noble lies of cova nineteen. Do we want public health officials to report facts and uncertainties transparently or do we want them to shape information to influence the public to take specific actions and they are remarkably candid and again. Because i'm a bitter and hateful person. I will point out that even suggesting this was true. Six months ago would earn you a twelve hour banned from twitter or whatever but they start with march twenty twenty anthony cheese sixty minutes. He felt community. Use of masks was unnecessary. A few months later he argued that statements were not meant to imply that he felt the data to justify the use class mass was insufficient rather. He said he'd endorsed mass wearing any kind. If he had mass panic would ensue. We'd gobble up all ninety ninety-five masks and then the doctors and healthcare workers couldn't get them. Although they went into some emails with freedom of information act that revealed faouzi privately gained the save. A advise against mask use. So it's not clear but they think it's much more likely yeah. He was just trying to hold the masks for medical professionals which may have been admirable but he knowingly lied when he said they won't do you any good so don't use yeah.

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