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Welcome in to the latest edition of ESPN FC, I'm Dan Thomas joined the studio today by Shakir Hyslop and Stevie Nicker. We'll kick things off in the Premier League and what a match it's announced to be between Brighton and Manchester City end -to -end for pretty much 90 minutes, thoroughly entertaining. It'll be Phil Foden who'd open the scoring for Guardiola's side in the 25th minute and then an incredible strike from NC, so we'd see Brighton equalise just before the break. That guarantees then Brighton a place in the Europa League next season as they sit sixth. They can't be caught now by Aston Villa. For more on this, this is our comedian Kieran Gibbs to the show. Kieran, how good was this game? It was brilliant. Oh, what a game, what a game. But it was all about Brighton tonight for me, the performance typified Brighton season, European football, thoroughly deserved. And it's just a great football story. When you think about where they've come from, it's pretty remarkable, really. I mean, even losing the manager and the players that they have this season, you would have thought that they would have struggled. But the way they adapt and deal with things that are thrown at them, it's as though it makes them stronger. And these are the results when you have a pretty much thoughtlessly run club. They'll probably lose a few players next season, but I think if the recruitment stays how it's been in the last few years, they won't be worried at all. They've probably already been planning for it, but no, they've been a joy to watch all season. How open was this game, Stevie? Mental. There was no midfield play. It was basically one team goes forward and if they lose the ball, the other team is right. The plan is get at them as quick as you can. Yeah. So the thing just went back and forward. How it was only 1 -1 is beyond me. Both sides could have had three or four goals. But as a spectacle in a game as to what you'd sit, watch a game. You I don't think there's been a better game to sit and watch all season, quite honestly. That's a bit of a stretch. From the first minute to the last minute of this game. All right. Yeah. Absolutely. One hundred percent. Right. Try and pick up. It was a great game. Great game. Yeah. That has not been as enjoyable. He's just trying to wind you up, Stevie. He's just trying to wind you up. No, sometimes he actually believes what he says. He does. Real Madrid against Liverpool is similar in Champions League. Not from the first minute to the last minute. What's first minute? You were great for 20 minutes. You fell asleep, lost all those goals out. Well, not for 70 minutes. Let's talk about what City should do, Stevie. Now, obviously, they've got one game remaining in the Premier League. That's Brentford on the final day. And then it's the FA Cup and Champions League. Seven starters. I think when you take a look at the starting 11 from City today, you can say seven of them will be guaranteed to start in the FA Cup. How do you handle their fitness, their mentality, their everything over these next few days? Well, the first two things you asked me was the fitness and the mentality. Yeah. I would suggest that the fitness, absolutely 100 per cent, would be the go -to. Once he assesses and once he gets the information from all his staff, where everybody is physically, then

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