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Got the business on my list for my workout regimen. Which really over the past. Summer has been spending a lot of time up at horse tooth a reservoir wake surfing but it begs the question as we're all coming out of that. Covert nineteen cocoon. Needless to say it Altered just about every aspect of our lives. Well did it throw off your workout routine and are you having a hard time getting motivated to get back into the gym. Well seventy nine percent of us. According to a recent survey feel a whole lot better about ourselves much happier when we stick to a regular exercise routine and your playlists can make all the difference in the world. Dr randy johnson is a healthy living expert. Who recovered from late stage. Cancer post recovery. He has dedicated his life to spreading the word to all of us and to doctors about disease prevention. Dr john's welcome to the show. So glad you're a fan. Got the love that song dancing. I i do know. Thank you for having me on. This is exciting. I'm still blessed to be on this morning. And i certainly appreciate your taking the time to do just that. And oh my gosh. When i read your bio and You can learn more about to randy. John's healthy living expert at happy healthy central dot com and you beat late stage cancer..

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