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I him this is what he says DO, stop it. God cats are fucking evil man. All they do is just plot and they look like they know more than you don't you hit that can THEO. The. Threw my keys. They were just sitting there on my fucking call on my little nice, Dan. Anyway, I thought this was the correct. I've always assumed this was the correct order, at least in my time, like, but everyone was saying the boondocks league is way better than Syria. And I was like. All right. See kind of an argument there, but people were very adamant that THEO, stop it. That boondocks league is way better than Syria. And I'm just trying to wrap my head around that. And it's kinda hard you know, like let's take the top two teams in Syria. We got you Ventas or top teams in both leagues Syria, you got Ventas embarking Munich, they just cancel each other out, and then we got like the second best team in the Bundesliga yet Dorfman. And then when you look at Syria, there isn't really a second best team. I just like a bunch of other guys who are really close to the Roma's Napoli's enters coming up there a AC Atlanta. I feel like I always pronounce that wrongly I wanna say Atlanta because his our boys and girls over at the unruly, gated podcast love guys. But I don't know maybe just biased because. Syria is just had world class teams over the years. And. Maybe because the Bundesliga got shit, rocked this year in the champion's league, maybe because I don't watch that fucking much balloons Liga man. I'm sorry. I mostly watch Premier League a catch, you know, the classics and matches on when you can me because, you know, Syria is be on the N network and most people don't have that. And I think FOX has the rights to boondoggles, more Americans watched the Bundesliga and there's more Americans playing there. Maybe there's like an American bias. I don't know because I still like I want to say Syria is better than Bundesliga. But goddamn, also, you can you can just replace Lee loon with any other league. There's a lot of people say, like, come on, I'd rather. I think I'd rather watch the Mexican LA league team than fucking league wounded on my fair. I didn't even put MLS MLS and they're fucking but the Dutch league in there. The Portuguese league even. God, what a fucking farmers league. Oh man. Also, what do you guys think about this? The moves valuable eleven people were pretty upset about this, too. And I kind of get the argument that like it's like the young eleven so like most potential going forward. So like, messy isn't on this list, Renaldo, which I think you've got to take that going into this, like okay, like messy Renaldo aren't going to be in this, because the age in are probably, you know, but this is the world's official or this is the world's most valuable Levin by some guy. He said, yono black Trent Allison Arnold Virgil Van Dyke globally, Andy Roberson goalie. Kante pulp, Alba, Debroy, Nana, Salah, neymar killing me bopping, which I think is a pretty fucking valuable..

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