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Amazon an audible is a decent one the audible team still entirely separate and yet you can buy your audible books sort of through the masan product page yup having a hard time thinking of really successful instances of this outside of instagram powerpoint you could argue maybe a lucasfilm by keeping lucasfilm completely separate creatively but providing the both the resources to make more films and more content and then the distribution that lucasfilm didn't have on its own it's almost like there's different levels of this like the keep them separate and poor the rate resources on and share the right learnings is like table stakes but it's like this total home run scenario you could figure out how to bundle the front end to customers like have you have you noticed if you're a prime subscriber now you become a twitch prime subscriber and you have one subscription to a to a streamer that comes with that sort of an interesting example although there cross pollinating the teams a lot more than well it's a few years in now so it's not so different than this i think we should keep an eye out for that in future episodes though you know the only other theme that i have is one that that bob mentions in his in his blog posts and in in the book the quote that he has a year or two is an eternity in a rapidly exploding market and that's so do like diamant of time that passes inbetween like throughout this history is is fairly short and the time that the window is open to create a powerpoint like product or to create a you know uber like product or an instagram like product is very shortly the these windows don't come along very often when they do like udine to be delivering the product into market like in that window or if you're too early like the market's not going to be ready to adopt it really was windows three point zero shipping getting mass adoption and having powerpoint ready and shipping with that lake before that forethought probably would have been fine and powerpoint would have been okay if it were just on mac but like whoever shipped i with the first mass adopted version of windows was gonna win and similarly with with the iphone and android like when.

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