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Right. Jimmy miller. We expected this defensive showdown so far. Virginia's defense been pretty good. Hold in Virginia Tech to just thirty three percent. Hokies defense not quite living up to the challenge. So far they have allowed Virginia hit on ten of thirteen including six of eight from three point range Virginia's doing a good job offensively spreading the floor and hit in the spots there knocking down the shot at home. They've got those soft rims. Cavaliers twenty six points. Fifteen possessions. That's officiency blacks here gets away with a travel or did he he was leaning back and right there you saw Jay hawk pull the chair out from behind. Jay off get it done here in this game on both sides of the floor gets this time blacks year who gives it back to Virginia, by the way. Even if he didn't huff block the shot, but he won't get credit for it because it was a travel or what a carry over from the Clemson game. He played eleven really critical minutes in the second half of that game down there. And he's getting really important minutes here early in this game white-clad Cavaliers working across some free quarter court pressure into the front court within inside of eight minutes to play orange generals blue lettering. It's the hokies in the traveling maroon here's key. Hey Clark on the right wing bounce pass. Right of the lane to hunter honors be defended tightly draws a double team passes out of it across the court to key. He'll feed it to Jerome on the corner and drills. It again, rinse repeat? It's four three pointers for tied Jerome who is still seven thirty two to play here in the opening half. The beat goes on the Cavaliers are red hot to start this one black sheer top of the feta right wing. Willoughby's Ebeidi slips holds onto his dribble. Feeds it to hill hill will hand the basketball after Robertson trying to answer, and he'll do just that he delivers an important three pointer for his team. That was watching that lead get away. Snaps an Eidos scoring Ron. And also a two minute and thirty six seconds scoring drought for the hokies. Yeah. He's so good being able to pull up there with that left hand on a dime from distance DACA that down had grown to fifteen. It's now twelve is key. Hey, Clark has a top of the arc is out there with Jerome hunter puff. And also key airs Jerome getting past his man features out right wing Clark on load on a. He finds his way to three point shooting shortage board here at shape PJ, who's our eight or ten from downtown. It's a thirty to seventeen lead Robinson finds himself in trouble. He'll hand it off gives the blacks your top of the arc blacks your drift into his right feeds into the corner. Outlaw head baked from three drives baseline past. Everybody day. Hop was not there for the help side exchange. Some words blacks here on the low block as well. So going the other direction it is the hokies. And now, I think Ron groover may have seen something that they may review on the monitor. Not sure so there was an exchange. With Jay here. And so they're gonna there by the been simple BOS, you're we didn't see it. But they're going to go. I saw the perfect. Now's we watch this thing. Okay. We're seeing the three on the other side. But we'll see if we get a look at what happened. Leading to that bucket moments ago on the layup from Thai outlaw. No more for his outside shooting in a use that to full effect. There is Virginia was well aware of the fact that this is about fifty percent three point shooter crowded him outside left the opening for the drive. So right now, they are watching this to see what exactly transpired as Virginia and Virginia Tech sitting in. What is currently a thirteen point game? Thirty two to nineteen Virginia with the advantage as we sit half number one Ranchi by.

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