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Is most like lime juice grapefruit. Flavored sodas fresca squirt doritos. All right. so she does say it or thing. i guess oughta times you can add if you so she's using actual lime juice right so you could add a splash. A club soda. Oh it's tony. It's a dove white dove. We're not paloma blanca. It's a white dive so But paloma. It's a pink paloma grapefruit. Pink redford mary jo. I cannot drink this but We'll just drink straight. We'll be happy. Yeah great now. I had mess call with virgil last week. Yeah you did. I didn't try it though i like. Oh that seems to smokey smoking. You know i had a grapefruit come buccio and it didn't knock me out so i don't know Company is the best. This was a good come buccio. When you come out here we'll We'll have great kombucha. We went out In fact. I think it's gonna be our new monday night thing. There's a a downtown. There's a little tiny square and there's a restaurant right on the square where you normally eat outside But they have been bringing bans in monday night. Now there's we sat outside. We had our meal delicious meal and then danced. It was like the covid never happened. It was slow very excited. This is how we come back. You know you have these little slices of normal and it starts to feel normal and you do have to injin. It's i was thinking it's kind of like the monk munchkins in the wizard of oz with dorothy house. On the which i just i. They're reluctant and they slowly tiptoe out pretty soon. We're.

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