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The on top of the hour okay the the inspector general report remember maybe I'm too close to this bu is I've been telling you this little this baby report we told you tune three weeks ago that this was going to be the first one and that this was not going to be the big one that this was going to be limited to the mammals may be I I had a ready absorb the blow that this was not going to be the one that led to indictments I still as I read read the whole thing today and it took a while I got it early this morning I began to concern myself over the summer I want to explain my thought process on this because we predicted didn't pinpoint accuracy what this limited inspector general report that only related to call me in the memos was going to be and it turned out to be right we'll get back to that a second first we do get a quick check of the weather down in Florida this hurricane Dorian now expected to intensify to a cat for posing I'm a pretty growing danger to the southeastern U. especially Florida at least it's current track Joe of the story is with us chief meteorologist of the Sean Hannity show get all of his great work at weather bell dot com and it looks like it's headed right towards the middle of Florida if it's going to be a direct hit the do you are you think it lands as a cap for well I think it's going to become a cap for but Sean I also think and we've been thinking it was going to try to come in for others out there at least get very close to west Palm Beach fort Lauderdale in there I don't think Miami is gonna be directly impacted what it what happened if you remember walking in amok Joaquin turn west southwest for a while before it went out the job is not a person is not one person in the audience what I remember is I just hurricanes like you do okay well I I just want to set the stage because of what may happen here is Hey it's slowing it's going to slow down as it comes toward the Bahamas then turn west southwest through the door the Bahamas then start its way up so that will delay the onslaught of the worst weather in Florida till Monday Tuesday Wednesday and the problem is that this is going to call whether it's on shore off shore it's just going to drift north north west the middle of next week and is it the potential is when do you expect the land fall and where do you expect it and how powerful I spend hello there let me say I spec harking conditions on the Florida coast Monday night starting around fort Lauderdale west Palm Beach and then working its way up the coast Tuesday Wednesday and then next Thursday a week from today it may be going into the southeast part of United States the thing we have here folks when a storm when a storm is just off shore like Matthew was a few years ago order from the south southeast it has to it has to hit under the bed near west Palm Beach if you look at the map is a the Coast changes directly direction so we're concerned that's going to happen and it hugs the coast will be a major news story next week first for the Bahamas all right with thank god this Dodge Porter Rico I don't think this is miss in the Bahamas well I will be a cat three or four by that time and then Florida the lady string day what's the strength of this hitting we know what what is the heart can string when it makes landfall in Florida well what if it makes landfall of three probably be a strong three or category four are the ones that approach your co slowly Sean sometimes a week it has become the other than you expect this to be on a B. Monday night or early Tuesday Monday Monday night or Tuesday is one I think I think it's gonna be a delayed a little bit the other thing it's not as wide as Irma is more fist of fury a smaller storm but it's going to really pack a punch all right thank you so much job starting whether L. dot com will continue to follow it so my advice is always the same listen to what the experts tell you have a couple days now to the side watch closely make sure you would put your safe your family's safety first right so we have been telling you that there are going to be a series of reports coming out and are before we got this report today this is the heart which report this is limited to the to call me and to the memos that he wrote which were government property now this is a devastating report you know it when the inspector general is is saying that the former director failed to live up to his responsibilities and he did not safeguard even classified but sensitive information obtained during the course of his employment with the FBI and used it to create public pressure meaning political pressure for official action I and then he said that he said a horrible example a dangerous example the exact words for every current FBI employee all thirty five thousand of them and many thousands more former FBI employees who similarly have access or knowledge to these dom public information so here we have these memos written in the course of the scope of his employment and he spoke with the president in his capacity is the director of the FBI and Gregg Jarrett a good point about this and and sure enough the FBI found the cold Mies characterization of the memos as being personal records finds no support in law wholly incompatible with the plain language of the statutes regulations policies defining federal record keeping and the terms of it the employment is that by employment agreements then nevertheless call me kept copies of these documents at his home and on secured on authorize location he didn't return the records when he got fired which she should have done upon his termination as required and the I. G. made a criminal referral to prosecutors at the department of justice and call me is fortunate frankly that he's not charged with several violations of the federal statute eighteen USC six forty one and that would make it a crime to steal or knowingly convert a government record with the intent to convert it to his use or convey it to another without authority this of course giving it to his lawyers he didn't ask permission they didn't follow protocol and that could be yes a violation of law the federal statute I judge just cited and as the I. G. pointed out not a single member of call me staff agreed with his interpretation of the memos were personal and the FBI relying on them is official records and kept them at their headquarters in a secure location where they belong and of course he was an honest okay he lied your lack of candor means you lied and that's another problem call me has on numerous occasions and all this and and the memo that he gave to his friend whom we we also hired as an attorney with instructions to his name is Daniel Richmond that'd be lead to a member of in the media of The New York Times well that's a violation of FBI rules in as much as the content involves sensitive information about an ongoing investigation and it was incumbent on the former director to protect it former director call me failed to live up to his responsibility those of the exact words in the report and you know but in the end it call me is contorted mind he's the victim you know in one memo call me recounted how he promised the president I don't do sneaky things I don't leak I don't do with meat we eat out we usually moves okay well he does and his game to leak the sensitive government information records to trigger the appointment of a special counsel that he did all of this is what the Attorney General the inspector general's saying is sold dangerous not safeguarding that sensitive information is dangerous creating public pressure for official action is dangerous because he's deciding that and the list I I literally have six straight pages of every instance where they found that he didn't find file will follow the law of regulations etcetera etcetera now let me just get you to stand back with me because we've been doing this now for two and a half years we told you on this program on Hannity that this memo was coming we told you that they would not be there would be criminal referrals there are there are a number of them and that they will be at the the declination in terms of the Attorney General deciding not to move forward with all of this many of you in spite of us telling you that that was going to be there is angry today I'm I share your anger but I withhold judgment and what what do you mean Hannity we have the major report on Fizer abuse coming that to me is going to be the determining ma'am all well what and that may not even be the worst one because we'll have another one on leaking which is a problem we have two sources now suggesting this guy Ben which was a friend of McCabe arm sorry a friend a call me he expects McCabe to be indicted any day now you should expect charges against became to be forthcoming any day okay we'll see if that's true also the former Attorney General acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told fox news that he thinks that McCabe's indictment is imminent and he said I'm not seeing the D. A. G. aber appeal ever be successful and he said I've seen the many times again and again with sophisticated defense lawyers but this is usually when someone's imminently going to be charged and they try to get to the deputy Attorney General and plead their case all right I have no doubt that's all true so there's going to be a lot happening here I'm but this is what I'm looking for I this is in my sources again we told you two weeks ago this is happening this is the this is the limited this is the limited inspector general report it is isolated and very specific area to the call me memos that he's had and it goes into great detail when you're reading it see its problem what I expect when we get the major report from the inspector general that would be Horowitz on Faiza abuse member will gonna get four of them this is the first this was the least significant if you well in terms of importance or magnitude of the issues criminality that could be involved this was always that and we knew for two and a half weeks said there was no there was going to be no legal criminal action taken as a result of this what what comes next is going to tell it all and what's coming next is this is the FISA abuse premeditated fraud on the FISA court now the justice department regulations embrace the same role requirements and you know let me play rob Rosenstein here for a minute as a result of you know his interpretation of your career law enforcement officer and your filling out of fights application you're swearing to the best of your ability you verified it now remember the dossiers the bulk of information in the five applications it's unverifiable remember that as you hear this the way we operate the department justice if we can accuse somebody of wrongdoing we have to have admissible evidence and credible witnesses need repair to prove our case in court and we have to fix our signature to the charging document that's something that not everybody appreciates a lot of talk about Faiza applications and many people that I I see talking about it seem not to recognize what defines applique five applications actually a warrant just like a search warrant in order to get a FISA search warrant you need an affidavit signed by a career federal law enforcement officer who swears that the information the affidavit is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief and that's the way we operate and if that's wrong sometimes it is if you find out anything incorrect in there that person is going to face consequences that person is going to face consequences right was so call me signs a series of them he signed a three pies applications the original application in October twenty sixteen and then told Donald Trump and that came out in this memo investigation are just the opposite was salacious the dossier the bulk of information to obtain the warrant remember McCabe said no dossier no FISA warrant wouldn't happen so the reason that I am more optimistic as we knew this would be limited in scope we knew this would be limited only to the call me mammals do I see examples of wrongdoing yes do I see a clear violation of the law I believe it's very clear eighteen U. S. C. six forty one I do believe that you can't knowingly steel or converted government record the way James call me did in convey it to another without the authority he did all of that and lack of candor tells me that well he.

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