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Isn't. He definitely was not near as good as has Harry Brown was but what I really liked about Michael Bednarik was that he was willing to do civil disobedience. So he actually still I say has a bunch of points over Joe, Jorgensen for just that single reason alone. Where he actually showed up to along with the I believe was David. COBB from the Green Party, the Green, party presidential candidate, and bad narc the libertarian showed up at one of the presidential debates and tried to get in and got arrested basically. Got Anywhere near the state. tried. To get Gabbana's stage. And got arrested for it. I. Think they're charges ended up being dropped. So they never ended up getting convicted or anything like that. They just wanted to arrest them to get them out right take them away. It would certainly be nice to have. I mean what I'd like to see is show up with one hundred hundred armed militiamen. Say you're guilty of treason. You are reading this election right by excluding important voices from it and basically okay you kill people all the time. Why shouldn't we whack a few? So I actually brought this up. I brought this up to Joe Jorgenson today go what happened back when this was really good idea I thought it was great and their response was well, it's private property and we're libertarian so we wouldn't do something like that but would you say to that well, I I'd find out whether it was really private property because a lot of things that people think are private property are like was on a college campus. Yeah. So so that would be. That would be my I first thing You know I don't. I mean I don't know as far as I'm concerned you know they're collaborating with the enemy because the enemy is rigging the election and everybody sees them doing it and nobody seems to care nobody does care. So it looks like the second presidential debate, this year is expected to be at A. Adrian Arced Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. Former sears department store. So that may be private property in that case, but the third one is going to be at a university. But either way my argument would be very similar nobody in that is that well, you know there's a lot of these businesses that are private property they're being told what to do by the government in this case being taken over by government debates and their response to that was that Oh the commission on presidential debates is in the government it's private. Well, it is part of the government though it's part of the deep state. It's part of that point cooperation between the Republican Party, the Democratic, party and the media that's who the initial conspiracy in order to keep all power in the hands of Republicans and Demirel. Is it a conspiracy if if it's done out in the open? It's a conspiracy in that. I don't know you'd have to ask the dictionary. This fire at some point I think you're right. It seems almost I..

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